He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 106

November 28, 2016

It's a fleece leggings and house shoes, computer and calendar in my lap, kind of day!  Unfortunately still down with fever but hoping that will change by tomorrow!  Girls still being oh so helpful- bringing me hot tea, washing the dishes, making dinner...  Thankful in spite of being sick!

Day 105

November 27, 2016

Unfortunately I went to bed last night with fever, and well, pretty much never got out of the bed on this day!  Therefore, no pictures.  Thankful for my family who can function in the midst of my sickness and keep everything in the house under control!

Day 104

November 26, 2016

Another relaxing day of movie watching, game playing and crafting.  Naomi and Anabelle made Christmas trees out of paper and cotton balls.  Maddie made a snow globe for Anabelle and big girls headed to the mall for an afternoon movie.  Biggest news- at the end of the day, we figured out how to make Netflix work.  Great news for those who are oh so anxious to watch the newest Gilmore Girls!  It's a lesson in patience though as we are waiting for some friends to finish so we can watch it together!  We did sneak in the first of the four though!

Checking out her new crafting supplies...

Day 103

November 25, 2016

The day after Thanksgiving is lazy day around our house!  It was also Annie's last day.  We played some games, watched some movies and ate lots and lots of Thanksgiving leftovers and junk food, and of course, lots of cuddles with Annie.  All in all, a great day!

Day 102

November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!  Was a little different for us this year for several reasons- Annie was with us-YAY!  We don't ever have visiting family for Thanksgiving.  Also, I really think since we've moved overseas we've kept our girls home from school on Thanksgiving- it's just kind of been a thing.  Since Thanksgiving is, after all, a very American holiday, it is virtually ignored over here so we do what we can to make it special.  This year though, with Abbey and Maddie at a different, more American school, they were decorating the school for christmas on Thanksgiving day and it was a "fun day"- competition between the classes, bake sale, very little work etc.  So they went to school this year and Naomi and Anabelle stayed home.  Anyway, we headed to some friends house for our feast this year. As Annie said on her instagram post, "over the mountain and through the wadi to the Adams house we go."   

Day 101

November 23, 2016

It's the annual day before Thanksgiving cooking day.  So thankful to have Annie with us this year!  We made dressing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, pie crusts, 2 pumpkin pies, homemade rolls, broccoli salad and here Maddie is working on a new fave1 maple bacon tarts.  Yummy!

Day 100

November 22, 2016

Since Jason was already gone, and I was only with Annie 24 hours before I left for the states, we didn't have time for our Middle Eastern meal with her.  We had to wait until we both got back.  And then it was time to feast!  It's not Lebanon, but it's still yummy....

Day 99

November 21, 2016

So I'm not entirely sure that this picture was taken on this day (ok, I'm lying- I know it wasn't- but it SHOULD have been).  Only because it's the classic, unpacking mom and dad's suitcase picture...  Somebody was SUPER excited about the 330 count bag of "horseshoe kisses" that she found!

Day 98

November 20, 2016

Only one more day until Mommy and Daddy get home!  4 girls super excited, 2 parents frantically packing including 1 special order Greenbriar smoked turkey...

Day 97

November 19, 2016

So I guess Saturday was the only day with a scheduling mess-up while we traveled-not my fault though!  Only because the bus forgot to come for Abbey and Maddie.  Upside- early morning picture of all 4.  Downside-Abbey and Maddie got up at 5:50 pointlessly...

Meanwhile, over in Georgia, Jason and I getting a little skeet shooting in...

Day 96

November 18, 2016

Jason and I got to spend the weekend at Ton Tenga, his parents beautiful home in Georgi and enjoy time with family and more fall colors.  Meanwhile, back at home, the girls enjoyed a good ole American football game in Amman.  Fun times had by all!

 Look at the huge muscadine branch wreath that Papa made- Maddie would love it!

Shivering in the stands...

Watching their friends shivering on the field...

Day 95

November 17, 2016

Part of our November trip to the states is lots of shopping.  Which means lots of sending of pictures back and forth with the girls.  This time we were looking for dresses for an upcoming dance, AND I wanted to show them one of their t-shirts arrived for the upcoming Gilmore Girls shows.  Yay!!

Day 94

November 16, 2016

Since Annie had some long days indoors waiting on the girls to get home, a friend brought her some yarn to work on baby blankets for the Syrian refugee families that some friends work with.  Go Annie!

Day 93

November 15, 2016

Thanks to mom for the random "waiting for the bus" pics sent throughout the week that we were traveling so that I could keep up with my daily pics!  (well sort of keep up!). Am trying to get back on track!

Since Mom couldn't drive in Jordan, we had to arrange for A and M to ride the bus to their school which meant they left each morning at 6:50 leaving mom to get the little 2 ready herself.  All in all I think it went pretty well!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Day 92

November 14, 2017

So thankful for a week in the states when all the leaves are changing.  Got in all the morning walks I could!

Day 91

November 13, 2016

Another day with sweet nieces.  Our girls were so jealous!!

Day 90

November 12, 2016

Finally got to meet Baby Margo and spend the night with she and Libby's parents at their new home in Durham.  So thankful for time with family!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day 89

November 11, 2016

AND another no picture day.  Hey, I was in airports all day and I forgot to mention to the girls to take pics everyday for me!

Day 88

November 10, 2016

Leaving for the airport barely 24 hours after Annie arrived left me very little time for taking pictures- so much to organize including Naomi's computerized homework assignments!

Day 87

November 9, 2016

Annie arrived safe and sound for a 2.5 week trip WITH all of her luggage this time!  Thankful for the time she could come and spend with the girls holding down the fort so that I could travel with Jason!

Day 86

November 8, 2016

Recipes sent via iMessage are so helpful on long cooking days!  Got the freezer stocked this day with about 10 meals for our travels.

Day 85

November 7, 2016

No picture this day!  I even tried to hijack one from the girls but no luck!!

Day 84

November 6, 2016

Had to get a little soccer playing in with Daddy before he left for his two week trip to the states.  Last big trip for awhile thank goodness!!

Day 83

November 5, 2016

Another community service day at the Humane Society.  Painting stables and loving on cute animals...

And in a somewhat strange turn of events, after watching food network with her daddy, Anabelle starting demanding sushi, and of course, daddy, who had been traveling A LOT, complied...

It was a little dicey at first as to if she would like it or not...

Wasn't a fan of the seaweed...

Naomi was definitely NOT a fan...

But Anabelle kept coming back for more...

Funny, funny girl!!

Day 82

November 4, 2016

Daddy's home from a tiring trip!  He's exhausted arriving first thing in the morning, but his girls are not!!

Day 81

November 3, 2016

So behind!  I should have known traveling would set me back, but sadly, I was already way behind to begin with.  Ok, getting back on track!!

 A typical start to our day... Waiting patiently in the car for Maddie to come running out...

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day 80

November 2, 2016

I messaged a friend the other day saying I couldn't find an emoji of someone banging their head against the wall which was very much what I needed in that moment.  She messaged me this and I had to send it back to her last night after driving in traffic for 2.5 hours!

Day 79

November 1, 2016

(HOW is it November?!)

This was such a sweet sister moment (AB snuggled with AJ) until mom showed up with the camera.  Apparently taking a picture was a VERY bad idea...

Day 78

October 31, 2016

Frequent morning site in our house.  Abbey and I sitting waiting in the car while Maddie comes scrambling down the stairs.  

(I think at least on this day, she had her shoes on...)

Day 77

October 30, 2016

Mr. Lollies before it gets too cold outside!

Day 76

October 29, 2016

Sometimes we have to take pictures of hairdos to make sure they are acceptable to the one who can't manage to see the back of her head in the mirror...

Day 75

October 28, 2016

During the school garage sale, Maddie came across this sweet little kitten.  Thankfully when she put it back in the area where she found it, it went into a yard.  No adopted kittens in this house!!