He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Favorite things

It's hard to say for sure, since she is SO excited these days about everything that she does, but I think that it's safe to say that some of Naomi's favorite things in the world are singing and playing with "Mia puppy". Seriously, we are amazed at how quickly she picks up on songs that she hears. She can sing most of the contemporary choruses we sing at house church, several hymns, and, ok, she know most of the High School Musical songs by heart. :) Anyway, here's a video of Naomi and Maddie singing along to a Barbie movie. She wasn't going all out like she sometimes does but you get the idea. The other video is of Naomi playing one of her many games with Mia. She loves to cover herself up like a ghost and run around the house playing chase.
Ok- so never mind about the video. Like I said, I"m not so smart with this stuff, and I can't get it to work. I'll try putting the videos on facebook maybe tomorrow...

Here's the link to a Naomi video (hopefully):

A day at the park and basketball fun

The weather has been awesome the past few weeks. Actually a little too hot a few days, but so pretty. Anyway, today we went to yuppi park on the east side of town. It's really a big park (for here) and the girls had so much fun. Here are some pictures. Notice that Abbey is still toothless in the front! Just about all the parks here have these enclosed trampolines that you can pay extra for and let the kids jump for like 10 minutes at a time. Usually there are so many kids at once that we don't do it, but today there werent' many kids around so the girls did it and had a blast. Oh, and the basketball fun- not that anybody cares probably, but we're doing TWO march madness contests just for fun and I'm winning them both!! Whoo hoo. Ok, so I'm just a little competitive but it's actually been quite therapeutic in a weird way to be WINNING- especially Bacon's contest which we've done for years and I've never even come close to the top. So, all the way from Beirut and without even being able to watch the games- I"m winning (for today anyway)- So, Bacon, if you read this, it's been my own little therapy session in the midst of a VERY stressful few months! Go Tigers!!

Naptime Nonsense...

Well, I haven't done nearly as well with keeping up with the whole blog thing as I wanted to. It's actually really reminded me of what a computer dummy I am- not nearly as user friendly as I had hoped! Oh well...

So our week this week has consisted of A LOT of naptime nonsense. OUr little entertainer is definitely doing her job of keeping us all entertained. Naomi has just started taking naps in her "big girl bed" and we are still getting the hang of actually STAYING in the bed when it is time for a nap. So, on Tuesday i put her down for a nap and then had some friends stop by so I wasnt' able to check on her like I normally do to make sure she was staying in the bed. Anyway, they left after about an hour and I went back to check on Naomi. Well, I found her standing in the middle of the hallway holding my nail polish remover (no, I did not know that she knew WHERE this was kept and much left WHAT it was for). ANyway, she says, "oh no, Mommy, I make a mess, I cean it up!" Naomi may be a mess, but she cannot stand to be MESSy. SHe had my hot pink nailpolish all over her t-shirt, her legs, her belly, the ends of her fingertips (apparently she'd attempted a manicure). It was all along our tile floor in the hallway, the carpet in my bedroom and Abbey's bedspread (yes, she pretty much hit every room!). She was quite distressed when she realized that not only did she still have to take a nap but I was not going to let her "help" in the clean up process. So, the next day naptime rolls around and I was ready for very frequent check ins on Miss Naomi. After about 10 minutes I went to peek in and coulnd' find her anywhere. Finally, I checked in the big girls room and there was a rather large lump on Abbey's bed. She was sitting up under the covers ("mommy, I hiding"). Back to bed we go and finally to sleep. THen, the next day, Jason went to check on her, couldn't find her in any of the rooms. He checked her room again and heard a noise. She had flattened herself out and was hiding under her bed. Good grief! She loves to get in bed wiht the big girls too and will actually occasionally fall asleep with them which is quite a treat for all of them. I'm thinking if and when we move to a new apartment they will probably all share a room- any thoughts or comments on that bright idea would be welcome! So, anyway, never a dull moment around here!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, I've finally done it! Starting a blog has been on my to-do list for months and it is now officially done. Time will tell if I actually keep it up and use it to journal our family adventures like I want to. Why the title pink laundry? Honestly that phrase has been floating around in my head as a pretty good summation of my life right now with three girls, and everything else that I tried to come up with related to Cox's seemed to already be taken or just sound plain silly... Not that pink laundry doesn't sound silly, but seriously, does anybody else have at least TWO loads a week of PINK laundry: pink t-shirts, pink socks, pink jeans, pink sheets, pink TOWELS, pink jackets, pink houseshoes- you get the point! So, there you go. Silly or not, pink laundry is what we are, and I'm sure Jason will take issue with that, but I gave him the chance to help me come up with a title and he had nothing. I guess the purpose of doing this is to keep our family and friends posted on our life since we live pretty far away from most of them, and also, like I said, to keep a journal of our adventures. So probably most of what you see will be my babbelings as a mom and wife with hopefully plenty of pictures thrown in their as well. Here's our most recent picture including all but Jason (He'll be in the most from now on as it's usually me taking the pictures!). Anyway, this is the girls and I at Naomi's 2 year bday party. No, I cannot believe my baby is two! Much less that my other babies are 8 and 6! You can see, Naomi is the odd one out when we're all together as far as looks. We all think she has a lot of Patterson blood (anybody else see Mary Louise or my mom?) Ok, so I guess this is enough to get started- I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing here! Maybe a few more pics of each girls UNIQUE personality these days...

Maddie is our nurturer- don't even know if that's a word, but anything or anyone that needs to be taken care of- she's up to the task (well, maybe not Abbey...). Abbey is the bookwork of the bunch and loves being called that! And Naomi... She is definitely our little entertainer and Mia our new puppy is her constant companion. They are both full of energy and excitement- quite the dynamic duo. Well, since figuring out how to do pictures on this thing has taken me close to a full day on and off I'm going to call it quits for this one and hope this works!