He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Day 56

October 9, 2018

Signs of life...

Sometimes it's the little things...  You walk by a room and catch a glance of what's oh so normal right now and realize that in very little time it will no longer be a normal thing to see...

Day 55

October 8, 2018

So thankful that Jason got some time with Abbey after not seeing her for over 7 months!  Picker her up at Samford and drove her to Georgia for the weekend with family.  A trip to Birmingham's Taco Mama was a must!

Day 54

October 7, 2018

Being gone from school for a week means lots of catch up work...  And yay for cooler weather and cool nighttime breezes that mean it's time for sweaters finally!

Day 53

October 6, 2018

This guy gave us quite a scare today...

The lady who cleans for me every few weeks accidentally let him out when she was cleaning the windows.  Which resulted in my running around like a crazy person on my patio waving a piece of turkey and yelling "LEO, TURKEY!"  I was terrified he was going to bolt into our busy street and down the hill never to be seen again.  Thankfully he was scared enough of the crazy lady with the turkey that he dove right back into the window he came out of and retreated into Maddie's bedroom which has become his favorite place.  Crazy kitty can't do that!  

Day 52

October 5, 2018

Sometimes a day out of the city is just what is needed.  This time of year is absolutely gorgeous in Jordan.  We call this "going to the forest".  Forest may be a stretch but it's definitely a little patch of green in our desert city...



Food...  (that would be hot tea and s'mores on the fire)

What else can you ask for from a Sabbath afternoon?  

Day 51

October 4, 2018

So when we were in the states this summer it came up (again) that I have not seen, well, any of the Marvel movies...  I'm all about a good movie but super hero movies are just really not my thing.  Except Batman- really like all those movies but apparently Batman and Marvel do not co-exist- who knew?!  Anyway, Abbey took it upon herself to come up with the order in which I should go about watching these movies because Naomi was about to start watching them and, ya know, the whole bonding thing...   There was no time to watch 87 movies this summer, so we have been gradually working our way through this list.  They're ok.  Don't love them.  Don't hate them.  But apparently I do need to pay more attention cuz some of my questions earn some pretty big eye rolls from child #2... 

Sister chats in the middle of movie night...

Day 50

October 3, 2018

A 3 AM airport arrival meant another day off school to catch up on sleep and hang out with friends before jumping back into the school routine...

Gotta love our Jordan sunsets!

Day 49

October 2, 2018

Meanwhile back in the US, our overseas family currently in the states surprised Abbey during her afternoon study group on campus.  Yay for family around the globe!

And in Jordan, I really need my bug killer to come back because Leo keeps doing this...

Yes, that would be a big black hairy disassembled spider.  Ewww.  
And yeah, I know the bug is already dead but I don't like knowing those things are around without Maddie OR Jason OR Abbey here!

Day 48

October 1, 2018

More Budapest fun.  So thankful she got to do this but ready to not have my people spread out all over the globe!!

I love contagious laughter pics!

Day 47

September 30, 2018

Maddie's leadership team had an amazing time on their trip.  Following the Student Leadership Conference they got to spend several days touring the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary

 Meanwhile across the pond in Georgia, Jason enjoying time with the nieces...