He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 134

December 26, 2016

Who says you have to make Christmas cookies BEFORE Christmas?!

Biggest Chai Tea Latte on the planet....

Day 133

December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

A wonderful day of food, family and thankfulness for the reason we celebrate.  And not many pics taken...

Wishbone fun
 More patonk and now juggling.  (Side note- who knew I had a child who could juggle- and even one handed!!)

Day 132

December 24, 2016

Playing with her new patonk set from our Christmas gift exchange.  With a marble patio, the living room has to do!

Day 131

December 23, 2016

Selfie pose with a friend at our Christmas Open House.  Not sure why AB was so glum!  Maybe she thinks you can't smile with a beard...

Day 130

December 22, 2016

And just like that, my baby is done with first semester of her Senior year and we are one third of the way through her last year at home.  What better way to celebrate than introducing the girls to some old favorites- tonight it was The Great Outdoors...

Day 129

December 21, 2016

Anabelle's Christmas gift from school was much more entertaining to her big sisters.  Some kind of weird sand molding stuff.  Not moonsand but something similar...

Day 128

December 20, 2016

A Christmas shopping trip to the mall for sister shopping would not be complete without several meltdowns! 

But apparently not melted down enough to pose...

Day 127

December 19, 2016

Pre-christmas IKEA shopping trip confirmed again what my mom has always said- my taste is way too expensive!  Rugs for days between 50 and 150 JD and I like the one that's 750 JD!!  I love this black multi-colored one but they were WAAY too proud of it!

Day 126

December 18, 2016

Sister pow wows in front of the soba.  I've never understood it, but especially Maddie loves sitting on the hard marble floor...

Day 125

December 17, 2016

Being sick combined with exams is not a fun combo!!

Day 124

December 16, 2016

Exams start tomorrow- study day!

Day 123

December 15, 2016

I would be lying if I said there weren't tears watching these 4 girls- besties since ages 5 and 3.  Two leading worship at youth group and two watching.  Oh my heart...

Day 122

December 14, 2016

Can you spot the teen hiding in the mound of clothes she's supposed to be folding?  Hey, at this point I'm just glad they're clean clothes even though they now have to be ironed since I can't ever find time to fold!!

Day 121

December 13, 2016

Girls Christmas choir program at school...

Day 120

December 12, 2016

Homemade cherry pie- a rare treat...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 119

December 11, 2016

And AB continued to wear her ball gown for the next 2-3 days...  And this is how I found her at breakfast.  When I asked what she was doing she said she was "saying her prayers like that cat and that mouse."  Thankful Naomi's interpretation that she was talking about Tom and Jerry!!

Day 118

December 10, 2016

Christmas dance!  Maddie told Anabelle that she was going to a "ball" so of course Anabelle wanted to get dressed up too and go see the girls off.  We pulled up in front of the school to see them (they were at friends houses close by getting ready and were supposed to come out to see Bella so I could take pictures).  When we pulled up in front of the school she says, "THIS is the ball.  I'm not getting out of the car.  It's too cold."  Obviously the ball was quite a let down.  

Naomi did some dancing too today.  She's been taking a ballroom dancing class all semester (and would want me to say that it's REQUIRED).  Today was their performance.  So fun!

I promised no pictures of her dancing with boys, but I think Daddy is ok!

Day 117

December 9, 2016

Time for another football game!  This time, thankfully, it was not raining but still pretty chilly.  I'm gonna have to do a better job of taking pictures of the fact that we actually ARE watching American football in Jordan!

I did get a picture of the fans though...

Day 116

December 8, 2016

Today was super special.  Papa and Nana got to deliver the news to Abbey that she has been accepted into Impact 360- a gap year program.  

Reality setting in a little more that she is indeed leaving home in, well,  too short of a time for me to wrap my brain around!!

Day 115

December 7, 2016

Our Wednesday evening drive around is always forever long- big girls from play practice to home, Naomi from home to tutoring and back home again.  Thankfully I had some non- stop entertainment with me in the car....

AAANNND I forgot that I can't get videos to work and that would be the only "picture" from this day.  Oh well, just picture AB singing and drumming to Jingle Bells NON STOP for a very, very, very long time...

Day 114

December 6, 2016

And sometimes, when life is too crazy to actually take people shopping for the upcoming dance, you try to go yourself and send them pictures...  

Didn't work...

Day 113

December 5, 2016

Somedays the only pics are of the random clothes I'm trying to see on the expat sites on Facebook...

Day 112

December 4, 2016

My Facebook rant from this lovely evening...

Summary of last 3+ hours (I should preface by saying that Jason left on a trip last night so the odds are not in my favor).  
4:45- leave home for what COULD be a 30-40 minute outing to pick older girls up from Bible study and take Maddie and friend across town to mall. (if you know Jordan, you would be right in thinking WHY would you think you could go from Rabia across to 7th circle area in that amount of time on Sunday (1st day of the week) evening traffic. Why indeed?) Almost an hour later, arrive at mall and begin journey home. Traffic on this lovely Sunday evening was just awesome.  
6:15- Still in car on way home. Begin to get texts from Naomi who has begun to stay home by herself for short stints (keep in mind please, friends living in America, that it's very different over here- easily accessible neighbors and very helpful building guards). She thought I'd be "right back". I am not yet back.  
6:25 (ish) Attempt to take a "short cut" or at least turn down a road that is moving and puts me at Abdoun circle- not so far from home. Begin heading around the circle only to realize that there is a traffic cop blocking the entrance to the Abdoun bridge that will put me right at 4th circle and so, so very close to home. Observe him move the barricade to let a car through. Pull up to barricade and do what I always do with police men- speak only English begging him to please let me go that way. He begins literally yelling "NO ENGLISH, NO ENGLISH". Switch to Arabic and explain I have left my daughter at home, I don't know how to get home (little white lie) if he won't let me across the bridge, please, please, please please let me through. Obviously quite impressed by my Arabic (eye roll), he begins giving me directions at a rapid fire pace of how I can get to 4th circle from a different way. Tell him I don't understand, please, please, please. Attempt tears which turn out more as a laugh and therefore completely backfire. He begins yelling again and waves me away. I, being very thankful at that moment to only have my eldest with me, begin yelling many things and head back into the horrible traffic I just managed to exit. Begin yelling over text at friends who I know will understand and because, darn it all, I need to yell at more people.  
6:40(ish) Arrive home, hurriedly finish putting up groceries left out 2 hours early when I left and was coming "right back" and realize it's now time to return to mall to pick up Maddie and friend to go home. Grab a handful of Triscuits for dinner (because let's be real, imported Triscuits make an awesome dinner) and head for the door. Begin yelling out instructions to kids left behind and inhale piece of Triscuit. Realize that yes indeedy, I am choking and likely turning purple. Frantically wave at Abbey to heimlich me. As she approaches and wraps arms around me, realize that she has forgotten all her heimlich skills and wave her off as piece of triscuit, thankfully becomes dislodged. Regain color, pick self up off floor, drink water provided by daughter who will soon get a heimlich refresher and realized that Naomi and Anabelle are standing there in tears watching crazy Mommy. Comfort them while running out door to get Maddie. Grab handful of Triscuits still on table to take with me. Abbey says, "mom, should you drive with those?" and tell at her that I AM EATING MY TRISCUITS!!!! Explain to Abbey that next time this happens, she is to call Craig N Jeanna Adams who will talk her through the right way to heimlich mom and to please stop freaking out. She knows better than to argue.  
7:00 Arrive right on time back at mall to pick up Maddie and friend and get home only 45 minutes later (Jordan friends will understand that this should be a 20 minute trek) after stopping to get trash bags which, of course, I realized we were out of after my previous grocery run on this amazing day.  
Amen the end.

And a picture of the traffic was the best I could do this day...

Day 111

December 3, 2016

His and hers Gibson's Donuts mugs.  For my Memphis friends...

Day 110

December 2, 2016

Maddie, Naomi and I ventured out into a rainy night to watch friends play real for real American football.  There were no pictures taken (at least by me) because every inch of every part of us was soaking wet, but thankfully Daddy took a picture of his little cooking buddy at home...

Day 109

December 1, 2016

House decorated on December 1st.  Quite an accomplishment for this procrastinator!

Day 108

November 30, 2016

Naomi and Anabelle were super proud that they finished putting together our tree while I did all the afternoon running around with the big girls.  Oh the joys of artificial trees!!

Day 107

November 29, 2016

Good grief, I was doing so well with this and now I can't keep up!!  

I have no idea...
Let's just go with sister love...