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Proverbs 14:26

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Jeremy, Kimberly, Shelby, Darby, and Emma arrived on the 23rd and it's been non-stop fun for the cousins ever since. We spent the first day at the mall- McDonalds, Marble slab and lots of shopping. Came back home for a few hours and then hit Chili's for dinner. Christmas Eve day we were able to stay around the house most of the day and just enjoy being together. The girls made sugar cookies according to the Cox family tradition and just had fun getting re-acquainted. Even Mia joined in on the fun and has especially enjoyed playing with Emma. I think Mia think's Emma is a dog and Emma thinks Mia is a baby like her.

Naomi has been fascinated by baby Emma. Mostly in the sense that she is very upset when Emma cries or is getting fussy, and she is always wanting to go in and check on her when she is sleeping.

Christmas Eve we sang carols around the piano (we definitely needed Nana as I was probably getting 50% of the notes wrong!) and read the Christmas story together from Luke. We did presents from each other around the Christmas tree and the kids had a blast.

Some favorite presents...

Naomi loved her stuffed Max and Ruby dolls and Maddie was thrilled with her sewing basket. (Abbey, Shelby, Darby,Emma were excited about their gifts to but my camera battery ran out)

Christmas morning we all went into the living room together to check out our stocking and their was more excitement. The girls played hard all morning with all of their new treats.

After a big Christmas lunch we headed down to the corniche for a long walk. We got cut a little short by rain, but it was still great to get out and let the girls run around together. It's been a great day and we're just all so thankful to be together!


AJ said...

I love you, Cox family, and love that we can do the same traditions on opposite sides of the world! GREAT pajama picture and I love that Naomi is so concerned about Emma and that Emma seems to have a fascination with anything that can go in her mouth! Glad you are all having a great time.

Unknown said...

I can't believe it has been 5 years since seminary, I love the updates and staying in touch, it helps me remember you and what you all are doing over there.

Anonymous said...

Jason and Kelli,

I love your blog. Kelli, you may rembember doing some laundry for me when I was leading a vision trip to Lebanon. Thanks again for doing that!!

Billy Hoffman

Kendra said...

Sweet sweet girls - all six of them! (I guess 7 if you count Mia :) Great family pic in front of the corniche

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your lives with us. It is amazing how fast life travels on. We have so many sweet memories and are so blessed by your friendshipl We love you all so much and pray for you continually.