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Proverbs 14:26

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddie Moo!

Tuesday was Maddie's birthday and we celebrated all day long (still celebrating actually...).  I intended to do a blog post dedicated just to her and her birthday and hopefully I"ll still get to that but this one is just to recap her birthday adventures.  Jason and I were at an overnight retreat the night before so we didn't see our birthday girl until early afternoon.  Jas bought her flowers as has become his tradition for his girls on their birthdays.  By the time we got there, her birthday fun was already in full swing.  They had french toast for breakfast, and since Maddie had decided that she wanted to make her own cake this year, she, Annie and Paula had already started on that. 

Working hard in the kitchen...
All three girls like to "help" when it involves tasting but Maddie is usually the only one who will stick it through until the end...

Maddie got to pick what she wanted to do for the day and she opted for a trip to Citymall.  We are going to the waterpark tomorrow with friends so we decided on an indoor activity since it is so hot.  Maddie wanted her favorite pizza from the food court at the mall...

Everybody else had Nando's- one of our favorite chicken places.  Here's Annie and Paula with their "chicken espadata"

After lunch the girls went shopping and Jason and Da sat at Starbucks and had coffee.  Of course we had to go to Claire's and look for jewelry for the birthday girl.  We also made a trip to the megastore to show Paula around a little bit.  After shopping Da and Annie took the girls to see Toy Story 3.  (Jason and I already took them once which reminds me of another post I intended to do... another time)

While they saw their movie, Paula did more shopping and Jason and I went to see "Eclipse"- very amusing with a bunch of squealing Lebanese teenagers!  And before anyone asks, NO, I am not one of "THOSE moms"- whatever that means.  I like the Twilight series, I read the books, I liked them, I enjoy the movies.  That is all..

After the movies we headed home because Maddie still had not finished decorating her cake and she still needed to open presents.  

Hard at work..
Practicing with the icing..

The finished product!

Present opening fun..

Naomi was SO proud of the pony tail holders she picked out for Maddie all by herself
Opening her digital camera from Da and Annie

She screamed, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!"  just a little excited...
Time for cake!  By this point it was 10 at night, no one had dinner (we had a late lunch) so the birthday girl and her sisters had chocolate cake for dinner

Sweet Naomi wanted to help with the decorations.  Here's her contribution...
(I'm guessing you can't tell what it is- a very small piece of wrapping paper taped very securely to our balcony door in the living room...)  Thanks Naomi!

Happy Birthday Madelyn Faith- we love you!!


embc said...

Happy Birthday sweet Maddie!! Your cake looked great and those splatter painted jeans are AWESOME!!

Katie said...

Can I hire Maddie to do my next cake? Great job! So glad we could be a part of her birthday celebration. We love ya'll.