He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I won, I won!

In case you didn't know, I'm a little competitive and get just a little bit excited about winning...  Especially when it's something I didn't even know I was trying to win.  Ok, so I guess won is not the right word- I was awarded- a blog award of all things.  I say of all things, because I am probably the world's worst blogger.  I've been told I go about it all wrong- posting a bunch of posts all at one time when I'm able to find the time to sit down (I truly don't know how you people that post every few days or even every day manage it...).  On top of that it takes me FOREVER to figure out how to do things on this crazy blog.  I will probably NEVER change my blog background- believe me, the fact that I have a background at all is saying something.  And I don't even want to think about the heartache of trying to change everything again- STRESS!  Oh, and add to that that it took me around 15 minutes to figure out how in the world to get the cute little picture that you see above on to my blog- and I couldn't tell you about the word without the cute picture! 

Ok, sorry, I digress.  I got the cherry on top blog award from my dear friend Kellie who can be found here.  We experience life together in a very different culture and because of that have a very special friendship.  I am SOO thankful for Kellie (even if she spells her name wrong).  She and her hubby have become parents in the past year and it has been so special watching them with Maya, their little angel.  Her honesty about truly all things is refreshing and she is one of the most creative people I know.  Her blog entries are down to earth, cut right to the heart and are always challenging.   At least 3 times in the past 24 hours my Maddie has told me to please "ask Aunt Kellie about this"- it's always a craft project.  Paper mache, homemade jewelry making (which I don't even know that Kellie has done but Maddie knows she would need to ask her- not me).  Poor Maddie, she's my crafty girl and got stuck with Mrs. Non-Creativity as a mom (that would be me) instead of an Aunt Kellie.  But thankfully, we have Aunt Kellie nearby.  (usually, she's in the states now and I miss her).  Maddie misses her too- she has asked me twice in the last day to text Aunt Kellie not understanding that I can't not being in the US with her.  Anyway! 

So, as the recipient of this reward, I'm supposed to do two things.  First, I'm supposed to tell you three things I like about myself and B, I'm supposed to pass this on to 5 blogging friends.   So, here you go...

1.  Apparently I am patient and I want to like that.  (oozing with confidence too...).  No, the reason I say it like that is because when my sweet friend Kellie gave me this reward she referred to my patience with my three girls and this is something I have been thinking about a lot.  I ALWAYS feel that I am struggling with patience.  Daily, I have to put this request before the Throne of grace because I just don't feel like I am as patient as I should be with the angels the Lord has been so good to entrust me with.  So, if others are noticing that I am patient with my girls, then I truly want to like that about me, and I am thankful that in some way the Lord is answering m daily pleas.

2.  I like my positivity.  In my mind, all things are almost always possible at least to some degree.  Notice I say, in my mind.  As I've gotten older, I've learned to recognize the realities of life, but I still love my tendency to see the glass as half full at all times.  I tease Jason that he is the pessimist and I'm the optimist, and he would be quick to jump in and say that he's the "realist".  Whatever.  Call it what you want, buddy- my glass is always fuller than yours and I'm betting that's how God planned it...

3.  I love, love, love my family.  God has blessed me with an incredible hubby (15 years of marriage now!) and I am now old enough to say that I"ve known him half of my life- crazy! I really feel like in so many ways that we've grown up together.   God has blessed us with three beautiful, awesome, fun, crazy daughters.  Our lives are never dull.  We have a terrific time together as a family and I am so thankful for the relationships we are building just between the five of us.  We have learned to define together "home is where the heart is"-12 different homes in 15 years will do that to ya!

Ok, enough about me- 5 blogging friends to give this award to become tough for me because a lot of the people that I wanted to award have private, invitation only blogs so I can't link them for you- boo!  So girls, you know who you are and you would be getting an award if I could give it to you.  The others go to...

First Cherry on Top award goes to my new friend, Tara- or Mrs. Yellow Hat.  I discovered her through a mutual friend in blogworld and as a fellow, overseas liver (and lover of Target when in the US), I have really enjoyed getting to know her family and reading about her overseas adventures.  We are in about the same phase of life and probably without even knowing it, she has been a real encouragement to me many times. 

Second Cherry goes to my friend Cassie.  She recently started a blog about her dieting struggles that I can so relate to.  She has frequent posts about what the Lord is teaching her on this topic and it has been a huge encouragement to me and also very challenging.

Last Cherry (sorry, I'm not doing 5 because of all the private bloggers out there but you know who you are...) goes to Ashley.  We were friends in collage and I haven't seen or heard from her in 15 years (are we that old???) until we reconnected on facebook a few weeks ago.  She has a fun, colorful blog, overflowing with the joy of the Lord.  She frequently gives away beautiful, fun, usually Scripture inspired art work to her followers. 

So that's that!  This was fun, but I'm already finding myself feeling guilty for spending like 45 minutes on a blog post that talked mostly about myself and did nothing to update anyone on the affairs of our family.  OH well- that will come later.  Stay tuned...

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Ann said...

Well said and there are really very few errors.congratulations on winning and sharing your heart with us! Can't wait to see you. Maddie can also check with Aunt Paula with her craft questions. she is always just an e mail away1