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Proverbs 14:26

Friday, March 25, 2011


I love, love, love springtime.  Love it.  And this is our first spring to spend in the states since 2003 so we're taking advantage of all the fun.  I played softball growing up and loved every minute of it- it's just such a perfect time of year and spring/summer nights are the perfect backdrop (especially now when it's not too hot yet...).  Anyway, all three girls are playing softball (t-ball for Naomi which I'm sure will merit several blog posts just by itself- she and her cousin Sarah Ann are going to be on the same team- should be loads of entertaining fun).  Abbey is the only one who has already started and so far is loving it.  Her first game was Monday night and considering she has NEVER played before, I wasn't all too sure how things were going to go and I was somewhat nervous.  Not because I was afraid of her embarrassing herself or anything, just because I know how ultra-competitive she is and I so wanted it to be a good experience for her.   Thankfully in sitting in the bleachers and talking with some other parents, we discovered that there are actually several girls on the team who have never played before.  And their coach is super patient and so sweet so that helps. 

 Here she is waiting for her first "at bat"

And here we go...

She hit a double!

We were so proud!  (and of course would have been even if she hadn't done anything but she was beaming ear to ear)  Granted, she swung at a ball that was a good foot above her head but she knocked it out of the infield and got around to second.  I think she even shocked herself- definitely have some base running mechanics to work on as she almost got tagged out while meandering around second base.  Oh, but then a few minutes later her coach sent her in to steal home when a ball got away from the infield, and she almost got thrown out but she plowed right into the catcher, knocked the ball loose and got her foot onto home plate (that part only happened because every in the stands was yelling at that she had to touch the plate!).  I think she was in somewhat of a state of shock that she had just knocked someone else to the ground!  
What a great first day at the ballpark! 

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