He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Saturday, April 14, 2012

11 months

I can't believe this little beauty is less than a month away from being a year old!  How time flies!  I thought she was moving and shaking last month only because I didn't know what this month had in store!  She is EVERYWHERE and LIGHTNING FAST!  Pretty sure she'll be walking within a month.  She's very steady on her little feet.  She's still adored by all her sisters and becoming more and more animated.

The hard part right now is how much trouble she is having with her sweet little ears.  We just can't shake this infection (since January!!!) and therefore we (read me) are getting very little sleep.  She wakes up randomly throughout the night and I am not one who is opposed to letting her "cry it out" were she simply in the habit of waking up and needing to get back into a good routine, but since I don't know if she's actually hurting or not I just can't do it!  So our little perfect sleeper (2 awesome daily naps plus 12 hour sleeps at night) is not such the perfect sleeper anymore and sleep has deluded me for a good 2.5 months now.  Oh well, it is a season and this to shall pass but it's been hard to get a whole lot accomplished on a daily basis when I feel like a walking zombie!!    Anyway, enough of that although I would appreciate prayers for healing and SLEEP!!!!

As the youngest in a house full of singing girls, Anabelle has had quite a few songs dedicated to her in her short little life and I thought it would be fun to share some of them.  Her sisters are quite creative (and just a little bit goofy) but we love to sing in our house so of course Anabelle has become the object of many of those songs.  Here are a few... (and I'll just go ahead and say that if you don't know the song that each song is taken from they will probably make little to no sense...)

My little Anabelle
(to the tune of My Little Buttercup and of course sung with The Three Amigos accent...)
My little Anabelle
has the sweetest smile (smile, smile!)
dear little Anabelle
 Etc etc (ok, that one's kind of boring)...

Sweet Anabelle
(to the tune of Sweet Caroline)
Sweet Anabelle (doo doo doo)
Good times never seem so good
(Ok, now I'm starting to feel a little goofy writing these out)

6 Months going on 7 Months
(to the tune of 16 going on 17 from Sound of Music)
(obviously insert correct number of months but I"m pretty sure it started around 6 months)
I am 6 months going on 7 months, I know that I'm so cute
I like to smile and eat for a while
but sometimes I just go (raspberry sound)
(again, feeling goofy- please remember I didn't come up with these!)

Anabelle, Anabella
(to the tune of Praise ye the Lord- think 70's, 80s campfire song-ok maybe I came up with this one...)
Anabelle, Anabelle, Anabelle, Anabella, AAAANNABELLE!
(repeat....  a lot...)

Probably gonna have to edit this post once I get the girls to help me think of the rest.  I know there are more, just can't come up with them right now!  

Happy 11 months Bella Boo!  We love you!

(blowing kisses)

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