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Proverbs 14:26

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bracketology: Tiger style

Yes, I am aware that you really can't read my bracket.  There's only one thing you really need to see, and that would be the University of Memphis Tigers claiming the victors spot.

I know, I know, the talking heads have them getting upset in the first round.  Dummies...

Last year I posted here about how my love affair with the Tigers started- it's a bit more detailed.  Suffice it to say that to be a Tiger fan, a TRUE Tiger fan, is to bleed blue, ALL blue.  For me, even as extremely competitive as I am,  that means that I simply cannot pick another team over my Tigers.  Can't do it.  It would just be wrong.  Even if it means I LOSE my bracket! (if you know me well, you know how much it hurts to say that!)

You may laugh at me, my husband did.  Actually it was more of a chuckle.  Kind of a "oh you sweet, deluded thing, if only you knew...".  Well I do know.  I LOVE college basketball, especially March Madness.  I read about the odds, I study what the experts say, I make educated picks.  And then there's the Tigers.

Have to pick 'em.  Just do.  

Because what if?  WHAT IF this is the year they defy the odds.  Joe Jackson brings his best game yet, Chris Crawford can't be stopped from the 3, Adonis Thomas and Tarik Black do their things and DJ Stephens continues to fly.   WHAT IF?  And I had cast my vote against them!  Just can't do it!  

If you could read it, you would see that the rest of my bracket is somewhat education.  I have Indiana, Kansas, and Ohio State in the Final Four.  (Memphis, of course, beats Louisville in the Elite 8- TAKE THAT Patino!)  I DO know a bit of what I'm doing here.  And we definitely take Kentucky, oh wait, no, Kentucky fell to Robert Morris in the NIT....  oops...

So, say a prayer that our newly fixed sports satellite continues to work.  It won't be pretty around here if ESPN quits on us.  There's always the computer option but it's not so reliable... We did get to cheer the Tigers to victory in the CUSA tournament last week via computer...
(not ideal)

But good enough to celebrate Joe Jackson's dunk in the 2nd overtime!

Anyway, I don't know about you but I'm ready for March Madness!  Have you filled out a bracket?  Who's your favorite team?  I'm dreaming big for my Tigers this year.  I know they CAN do it, now we just have to see if they WILL.  

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