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Proverbs 14:26

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear Carrefour,

Dear Carrefour,
I have a few requests if you would indulge me.  They're quite simple, or at least they seem simple enough to this western mom.  I understand that absolutely none of these things will happen, but I guarantee that I will feel much better after this much needed rant.  So here are my requests in no particular order.  

1.  PLEASE stop stocking the aisles at the absolute busiest time of the shopping day!  Why oh why is this not logical?  And it's not just that you stock the aisles at this time.  It's the massive wooden loading carts positioned square in the middle of the aisles and the workers who would rather stare you down than move out of the way for you!!  And if it's not hard enough that the wooden pallets are in the way, then all the cardboard wrapping is thrown into the aisle (and often left there) once the items are on the shelf making it virtually impossible to pass.  I guarantee you that stocking at a different time of day would make for happier customers.  

2.  On a similar note, maybe you could post some sort of sign directing groups of people who seem to have not seen each other in ages to the food court of the mall where there is plenty of seating and standing room.  It would be much more convenient for those of us who are actually trying to reach the items on the shelves in front of which they are congregating and flat out refusing to move.  Maybe they aren't aware of the wide variety of other places available to them in the mall for visiting?

3.  Fix your carts.  I am thoroughly convinced that there is not one single cart in your entire fleet of shopping carts that pushes in a straight line.  And it's not just that they won't push in a straight line.  It's like they are somehow magically wired to do the exact opposite and somehow fight against EVER going in a straight line.   And (see picture below), when you replace your carts (which I'm certain you will do since I asked and I'm sure that customer service is one of your #1 priorities...), would you please get the kind that have a shelf under the actual cart part for items like bulk paper towels, toilet paper and large cases of milk?  That would be oh so nice so that said items don't cause my entire cart to overflow and virtually not be able to fit anything else.  And yes, I am fully aware that you have recently actually replaced your carts.  When I realized about a year ago that all the carts were new, I actually did a little happy dance when I was choosing one of the new shiny carts.  And then I pushed it.  And tried another one.  And pushed it.  Darn!  I must keep getting the old ones.  Nope.  None of the carts push straight.  None. Of. Them.  Please replace them again.  

(because when they are this loaded up, they are quite heavy, and I'm quite certain that they way my body has to contort in order to get them around the corners of the aisles make me look beyond ridiculous, and believe me when I tell you, I don't need much help in looking ridiculous...)

4.  Speaking of the items bought in bulk- if you are going to sell items in bulk, like cases of milk for example, would you please price them in such a way that does not require the cashier to rip open the cardboard casing and remove individual items in order to scan them.  This very much counteracts the convenience of buying in bulk when I can no longer get the item from my car to the sidewalk, from the sidewalk to the doorstep, then from my doorstep into my kitchen- BECAUSE YOU HAVE RIPPED OPEN THE PACKAGING!!!   Please stop it.

5.  This one may seem a little petty as it relates to one particular product on your shelves and it is not a problem that is unique to your store.  However, because I can, I am directing my rant about honey in your direction.  Why oh why is it so hard to sell honey in a squirt container and not in a glass jar with a screw on lid?  We like honey.  We use a lot of honey.  We also have a lot of kids who like to eat honey.  As the mom of 4 kids I would like them to be able to serve themselves honey on their toast, sandwiches, yogurt or in their smoothies.  However, honey and glass jars with screw on lids is an absolutely horrible combination, as I'm sure any mom of small people will tell you!  It gets on the side of the jar and on the side of the lid.  It drips on the counter and all over little fingers.  Please, for the sake of all the (western) moms out there who are less than coordinated (that would be me), please sell more squirt-able honey.

6.  Let's talk about organizing the lines at the deli, cheese, nut/spice/dried fruit and meat counters.   You know what, never mind.  I've lived in this part of the world long enough to know that there is no point in even going there!

Thank you for your attention to these matters, in what I'm sure will be a timely and appropriate response.

One culturally stressed out mom

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Tim said...

I've written this letter in my mind dozens of times.