He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Day 114

December 6, 2018

This was a busy day!  Maddie had to go get allergy testing done thanks to her weird allergic reaction to the park.  Thankfully (or not?) she was apparently the "least allergic person this doctor had ever tested...  Still don't know what's causing the weird reaction but hopefully a wicked cocktail of allergy meds and the equivalent of an epi-pen in the car will handle it!

Beautiful arms just in time for the Christmas school dance...

Dads make good dates...

Meanwhile the 2 left at home decided to put together this Christmas tree.  It didn't make it up the weekend after thanksgiving this year! 

The girls have agreed that we can do all the Christas decorations except actually putting the ornaments on the tree- that has to wait for Abbey!

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