He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday traditions

Sundays look a little different for us on this side of the world, but as a family we are trying to create traditions and do things that help us appreciate and observe our day of rest even though it may be a bit different than what those in the states are used to. We don't go to an established church, we worship with other believers in a house church which alternates between peoples homes. We don't typically meet until mid afternoon and we then all share a meal together. This is a huge help in preventing the whole Sunday morning, "we're never on time and always frazzled by the time we arrive at church" fight. At least if we have this fight (because I am unfortunately still notorious for not being able to be on time despite my best efforts), it's not until later in the day after we've been able to enjoy a relaxing morning together. Here's a glimpse at what is becoming a somewhat typical Sunday for us.

Crepes are a must on the weekend in our house (if Jason is in town) and this usually happens on Sunday. We crank up the praise music and everybody pitches in. Maddie and Naomi are my big kitchen helpers. Abbey likes to be in close proximity to everyone, but it's usually with a book in hand. She'll help out if asked, but it's not typically her thing (unless there is a beater to be licked). Jason is the crepe-maker after the girls and I get them mixed up. I have honestly never been able to really master the right wrist motion to get the crepe to be the right shape and thickness in the pan so we leave that part up to daddy. We love to eat Sunday breakfast out on the back balcony but it was actually finally a little too chilly this morning to sit and eat out there. It's about time considering it's mid November! After crepes, we have our Bible reading time and lately we've also been gathering around the piano to sing hymns. If we don't all sing, I at least get a good 30 minutes of piano playing in. I am SOOO thankful for our piano- we are loving it so much.

A lot of times we'll play a game as a family on Sunday like Mexican train dominos, Clue, Monopoly, Risk (if Jason is around), but today it was gorgeous outside so we headed down to the sea to enjoy a walk with tons of other Lebanese. We walked along watching the fishermen, and besides one minor incident where Abbey tried to lasso Maddie (who was on the scooter) with a jumprope it was an uneventful walk.

We don't get to enjoy Sunday afternoon football as we would in American ( I say we, I really should say Jason...), but he makes the most of it by listening on the internet on Sunday night when we get home from house church. He has the broadcast going and all his stats and fantasy league stuff pulled up so he can keep up with everything. Occasionally we might get lucky enough to actually get a game on one of our sports satellite channels but this has happened so rarely that Jason knows not to get his hopes up. Listening to the sports broadcasters, you almost get the feel of sitting in the living room watching it on TV- but not quite.

We love our Sundays and pray that our girls will learn the value of resting as a family and will look forward to our breaks together as a family from the very fast paced life that we otherwise live here.


Allison said...

aww, i love this! i hope i can do the same thing with my kids someday — instill in them this appreciation for a day of rest, and make it fun, too.

not only do your kids know how to make crepes, they know how to say it right, too!

The Fish Family said...

Loved this Kelli! I have a Sunday bag that I am just adding to, in attempts to make Sundays more special too. How nice though to have a slow morning. Oh how I remember the tense Sunday mornings growing up! Remember to send me that crepe recipe!!

jccvi said...

I think we moved close to church in hopes of warding off some of the Sunday morning hectic-ness (hecticity?). Since Elizabeth started teaching Sunday school, it's gotten us up and moving a little better. She and SA leave at about 8:45.

Thomas and I usually walk on over a little bit after that. I feed him his breakfast in the fellowship hall.

By the time church is over, he's usually about an hour past his nap, so he and E take the car home. I walk home with Sarah Ann at about 1 or so after she's through playing with her friends.

When Thomas gets up, we all go to Costco. If we don't fill up on samples, they have a footlong hotdog and coke for $1.50. We get most of our fruits and veggies there, and whatever supply (TP, detergent, etc.) we've run out of.

If we have time after that, we sometimes go to the zoo. Since Thomas usually only gets one nap on Sunday, and SA is tired from church, we're usually able to get them to bed by 7:30 or so.

There's nothing better than a Sunday routine.

Now if only I can figure out how to get my three hours nap back.

Paul said...

Can someone tell me how to play Mexican train dominoes?