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Proverbs 14:26

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trip to Baalbeck

So it took me almost five years of living in Lebanon to make it to one of our most famous tourist sites and it was well worth the wait. Baalbeck is the site of some incredible Roman ruins and we picked a beautiful winter day to go. It can kind of be hit or miss as to whether the sky will be crystal clear or incredibly hazy and we really lucked out. We were in the midst of this massive layout of ruins with the beautiful snow capped mountains in the background.

One thing that I am still not used to in Lebanon as we have visited various historical sites over the years, is the alarming lack of public safety measures in place. Whether it be a crusader castle with massive drop offs from the top level and no rails to help you climb various places, or the hippodrome in Tyre where you can pretty much climb all over any part of the ruins, you would think I would be used to it by now! Baalbeck was pretty much the same in that we could climb all over everything. Thankfully though it was mostly wide open spaces for the kids to just enjoy running around outside the concrete jungle of Beirut.

The girls had a blast climbing and exploring:

More climbing and beautiful sites to see...


eaglemama said...

beautiful. Wow 5 years...really? I am bad about keeping up with a blog too

Cecilia said...

Kelli, I don't know you but met Jason when he came to Winston-Salem, NC in the spring for our GIC. You have a beautiful family! What I want to know is, how do your parents handle the grandkids being so far away? My daughter just had a baby and they are called to the mission field (maybe Africa). I want them to be obedient to God, but I also want them to leave little Zeke here with me and Popi!