He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Monday, October 26, 2009

School room

As of September, our guest room has officially been transformed into a school room with the beginning of our first year of homeschooling. We lent our loveseat out to some dear friends, brought the girls desk in, added a few calendars and time lines, and voila, a school room. All in all, things are going so great with the school year which is totally a God thing. The girls love it and are thriving (I hope). I occasionally have moments of panic when I think "what in the world am i thinking that I am capable of doing this??", but God always reminds me that it is Him, not me- thank goodness! The girls are incredible- they amaze me everyday, they really do. I'm sure there are things along the way that I am forgetting or neglecting in some way or leaving out, but overall I think they are probalby smarter than me, so they will make up for it!

Even Naomi is joining in and doing so great. Her table is normally where Maddie is sitting above in the first picture. It's really been amazing to me how long she will sit at her little table and work on writing letters or looking at her books. Occasionally she will pipe in asking a question about whatever we've been talking about. It blows my mind how she can follow the story line of the books we're reading or the places we're talking about. For example, yesterday when we were talking about the Mayan Indians and looking at the map, she pipes in with, "Mommy did you say Indians? Where is Guatemala?" One of her favorite activities has become "playing library". She pulls up her chair to the bookshelf and proceeds not only to read the books but also to arrange and re-arrange them.

The girls do most of their work at the desk (first picture) but Maddie especially occasionally needs to move around the room. We put our weekly prayer requests on the pink dry erase board in the window, and I write their daily assignments on the blue board so that they can keep up with what they need to be doing if I get tied up with one or the other.

It's kind of dark, but to the right is our B.C. timeline that we are working on all year along with the "Mystery of History" curriculum that combines world history and Biblical history . We have all loved it.

We've got a lot of space on the walls of our built in closets to post school work and things like that. So far we've just got a few Science projects and our A.D. timeline that we are using along with our Sonlight history curriculum. We're studying American History this year and I've been pleasantly surprised with how well the girls are repsonding to learning history which in the past has been met with moans and groans!

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Looks like a great set-up. I hope the homeschooling goes well for everyone.