He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Go Maddie, go Maddie, go Maddie..."

So I"m finishing cleaning up the kitchen last night when I heard quite a commotion coming from the back of the house.  I walked down the hall and found the scene at the left in the girls bathroom.  Jason and Maddie are in the bathroom where he is attempting to convince her that her one front tooth that is left is hanging by a thread and she should pull it. (He knew better than to ask her to let him do it)  Abbey and Naomi are standing in the hallway chanting, "go Maddie, go Maddie, go Maddie..." and not exactly helping Maddie's stress level.  (and yes, Naomi is not wearing clothes- it was almost bedtime and she has taken to "sleeping naked" which has been fine as it has still been pretty hot even in the house).  So anyway, let me back up a little.  If you knew me at all as a child or if you have spent any significant amount of time with my children, you know that they like me (or like I was) have a tendency to become somewhat freaked out by anything remotely related to blood or a possible body injury which  in their minds includes losing teeth.  Funny thing is, I am now a nurse, so Jason and I have done all we know to do to down play injuries, not make a big deal out of bleeding injuries etc, but still, they all freak out.  Just to give you even more perspective, my mom likes to tell the story of my four year old birthday party when I fell down and scraped my knee and went in and put on a pair of cordury pants (in the 90 degree Memphis June heat) so I wouldn't have to look at the scratch.  Another story- I was once offered $20 (in 1982 that was pretty significant!) by my great aunt if I would let me grandfather (the gentlest man in the entire world) pull my front tooth which was barely hanging on by a thread.  I wouldn't even consider it. 

So fast forward back to the future, and here is sweet little Maddie totally stressed to go to bed with her tooth that is barely hanging on because she's afraid she will swallow it, but even more stressed by the thought of pulling it herself. 


I'm not sure if Naomi was more excited about watching Maddie try and pull her tooth, or about being up after bedtime and dancing naked in the bathroom on the toilet. 

Almost there....

She did it!


Kendra said...

okay, your house must be oodles warmer than ours! Now Maddie can really sing 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!'

AJ said...

Bet that girl has a serious lisp! Good for Jason for not intervening. Love the picture of him and Maddie! I used to be the same way — I would be able to turn the tooth around in circles and still wouldn't let Dad touch it. I was also, like, 14 before the last one came out, so I hope that she missed that little family trait.

Kelli, you are a super blogger! Keep it up — I love it!

Kelli said...

Yeah, we're still pretty warm up here. Not hot, the weather's beautiful but definitely still shorts and t-shirts inside. Oh, and Jason was thrilled that I got a shot of him in his soccer shorts and black socks!

Kelli said...

Unfortunately Maddie got that family trait from both sides as I lost teeth VERY late as well. They're probably all doomed!