He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Thursday, November 12, 2009

From the mouths of babes...

Today I had one of those days where I really needed a laugh at the end of the day, so at dinner tonight the girls and I sat around trying to make a list of all the funny things Miss Naomi has been saying lately.  She just comes out with the funniest, most random things sometime. I hope you will be as entertained in reading them as we were in remembering them. Some of these will probably require an explanation before hand, others you might need to hear the quote before you can understand the context.  You may notice, that in some of these Naomi refers to me as Mom and others Mommy.  Typically, the Mom is said more as "Mah- am" with all the sarcasm she can muster that has most definitely come from her sisters.  The Mommy quotes, she is usually in sweet little girl or inquisitive little girl mode.  So here goes...
 Last spring, Naomi got very excited about starting school.  We found a little part time preschool for her, and we talked it up big all summer and she remained very excited.  I was somehow operating under the mis-guided notion that she would be thrilled about going to school in spite of the fact that Abbey and Maddie were going to be home with me.  I was also somewhat selfishly looking forward to easing into homeschooling by having Naomi at preschool a few days a week.  Well, it would be a gross understatement to say that Naomi did not enjoy her school.  She was way less than thrilled and said things like "I don't ever, ever want to go there again.", "i want to stay with you forever" etc etc.  (Notice here that I am speaking in the past.  I could not exactly justify continuing to send my 3 year old off to school when my 8 and 10 year old are home with me...).  Anyway, by far the best quote from Naomi regarding her school was,
"Mommy, I want to take my new school and throw it in the trashcan." 

The next one was after we had run several errands in our neighborhood and were back in the car driving to another part of town.  Naomi by far gets the most attention of the three girls with her blond hair and blue eyes.  Everyone is always stopping her to hug her, pinch her cheeks, ask her name, ask how old she is etc.  So we were back in the car after one such afternoon of being loved on and pinched on, and as if she was completely dumbfounded she says,
"Mommy, all the peoples in the world don't know who I am."

(the skates in the picture here don't really relate to much, but the facial expression is classic Naomi...)
"Can I have stick cereal?"
Took me awhile to figure this one out, but, go figure, my three year old loves All Bran, and what better name for it than "stick cereal".

"Mom, are you a mouse or a gentleman?"
Still working on figuring this one out...  She called it out to me tonight while I was fixing dinner and then cracked herself up.  Any ideas on this one?  We're all clueless...

We kind of had this back and forth thing going for a while where she would come and say, "Mommy, I"m thirsty" or "Mommy, I'm hungry", and I'd say "Hi thirsty/hungry.  I'm Mommy, nice to meet you."  (I know, I"m hilarious and so creative....).  Anyway she'd get very exasperated and say, "Mah-am. I'm Naomi!".  Anyway, without fail, she now says,
"My name is Naomi, and I'm thirsty/hungry."

I still have no idea where this one came from...  The other night I was rushing around after supper trying to get the girls bathed and in bed, because I was hosting Bible study at our house.  As I was rushing Naomi to the back, I was explaining to her that my friends were coming over to visit etc etc.  She looks at me and says,
"Mommy, are they (my guests) kids or are they humans?"

We've talked a little with Naomi about speaking in French and/or Arabic.  She knows that the girls speak French as they occasionally read to her, and sometimes I'll explain to her if she can't understand someone that it's because they are speaking Arabic.  So the other day I will confess that Naomi was chattering at me.  I say at because I probably wasnt' doing the best job of listening.  At one point when I realized I was supposed to be responding so I said, "What, Naomi I didn't hear you."  She looks at me and says,
"Mom, I'm speaking to you in English."

One last quote... Today I was sitting on my bed during a break from school listening to the audio lecture of the new Beth Moore bible study that I'm doing.  I had on my earphones because Jason was working at his desk and I didn't want to bother him.  Naomi comes in and, of course, wants to listen on the earphones.  I had just finished so I put the earphones on her and started the lecture over thinking this would last all of 10-20 seconds.  But no, she sits there quite contentedly listening and was especially fascinated by the brightly colored screen saver that was playing along on my comptuer screen.  Being a true southern girl, I think she felt right at home listening to Beth's voice.  Anyway, she sits there listening for a good five minutes at least.  I started doing email and occasionally asked her what she was listening to and got responses like, "the lady is talking" or "they're playing music."  The last time I asked her what the lady was talking about, she looks up at me without batting and eye and says, "Submission."  Good grief!!


Kendra said...

Out of the mouth of Naomi come hilarious things - OMGoodness! I love the school in the trashcan and how she now feels the need to say her name before saying she's hungry or thirsty :) She's such a ham!

Amy McMillan said...

So this totally got me! How often our children say the most humorous and fascinating things, especially the younger ones! What really spoke to me was your final quote. How often the Lord speaks to us through our children!