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Proverbs 14:26

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chef boy R Maddie

Maddie was so excited about her Paula Deen cookbook for kids that she got for Christmas from Nana.  We've tried a few of the dessert and snack recipes but it wasn't until last week that we had time to let her do the full meal.   She had immediately picked out what recipe she wanted to do upon opening it at Christmas- Hawaiin beef teriyake kababs with grilled pineapple.  

Here she is getting the pineapple ready to go on the grill.

Next she put the meat on the skewers.   The meat had marinated overnight (which was very upsetting to Maddie at first because she had wanted to make this on Sunday night but on Sunday afternoon I looked at the recipe and realized that a 24 hour marinade was involved so we had to put it off a little...)

Next step was grilling the pineapples and the meat.

And finally, the finished product and it was delicious!

And was she ever proud!!

One last comment in case anyone wondered, I do not usually cook in an apron with a bandana tied around my head but this has been the outfit of choice lately anytime the girls decide to help in the kitchen.  Not sure where it's coming from, but it's pretty cute.   Here's our other Aunt Jemimah...

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Kendra said...

I heard all about these - Maddie told me they were SO scrumptious :)