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Proverbs 14:26

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ever since our sweet little Mia puppy graduated from puppy chow to big dog food we've had a hard time coming up with food for her that works.  The selection here is not that great since not all that many people have dogs.  And strangely, there's seems to be a large amount of very large dogs (huskies, labs, golden retrievers, german shepherds) in spite of the fact that the majority of housing is fairly small apartments.  Therefore, the selection of dog food seems to be somewhat limited to "large dog" food.  Anyway, all that to say, she seems to be somewhat of a picky, or finicky eater.  Dog foods (at least what we have found) usually have a variety of shapes and colors (different flavors) all within one bag.  Most of what we have bought ends up having some pretty large pieces in it that Mia just really can't seem to get her little mouth around ( at least that's what I used to think).  She would pick through the bowl of food, eating the little pieces and leaving the big chunks behind. 

So I was very excited when I found a dog food that had all little bitty Mia sized pieces.  Still different shapes and I'm assuming different flavors (no, I haven't tried it to find out nor do I plan to).  Imagine my surprise when I checked on her food bowl a day or so after buying the new food and found that she had still managed to pick through the entire bowl of food picking out what she didn't want to eat and putting it in a neat little pile beside her bowl. 

Apparently Mia is not a fan of the dark brown square pieces.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but those dark brown square ones that are still in the bowl are actually a slightly different brown and apparently still acceptable to our finicky little puppies taste buds.   


AJ said...

Ha! Can we say "spoiled"? You could always buy extra meat at the store each week. Oprah recommended giving it to them raw (!).

embc said...

Hilarious! At least she puts them in a little pile by her bowl for you.