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Proverbs 14:26

Saturday, March 3, 2012

One give me one dollar, who'll make it two?

During our time in Oman, we also spent some time in the "interior" of the country.  We left our hotel one morning at 6 am to drive in to a small village known for it's animal market.  Basically this was an auction for sheep, goats, and cows that started around 8 in the morning.  Locals, farmers from all over come every Friday morning to buy and sell animals.  I confess that I did not have the greatest attitude about getting myself and the girls up at the crack of dawn, but it was so worth it!  Such a cultural experience and the girls loved it!  The first picture here is kind of the central area where the auctioning was taking place.  I man stood in the center calling out.  I never could figure out if there was any rhyme or reason to how things worked (I'm guessing not...) but it was really neat.  The animals were kind of in areas off to the side.
The girls (especially Naomi) loved petting all the animals

(notice above- Naomi was not thrilled by the smell...)

Abbey was not entirely thrilled by the whole thing but she was a good sport...

Thank goodness for the kindle...

There was more to this little village than just the animal auction.  There were different souks (markets) for pretty much anything you might want and the architecture of the whole place was pretty cool


Fresh fish...

(again, Naomi not so thrilled by the smell...)

OH, and in case you're in need of a hedge hog- don't worry they have those too!

Yep, they even had a chipmunk in a cage in case you needed one but i didn't get a picture of that!

This little angel was absolutely perfect.  We woke her up at 6 am to throw her in the car and she went right back to sleep waking up at just the right time for breakfast...

She was her pleasant little self all morning..

And knew right when it was nap time...

Exploring more of the village and the old fort

(our little budding artist- Maddie- was disappointed that the "craft souq" didn't have an abundance of craft supplies- I really think she saw the sign and expected Michaels. ).  Nope, this craft souq had antique type guns, pottery and jewelry.  Oh well, it was still interesting!

Naomi had fun being the tour guide at the fort

Token family pic..

silly girls- as with most tourist sites in this part of the world, there is very little that's off limits..

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AJ said...

What a beautiful place! Great pictures, Kelli. I pictured Maddie's excited face as soon as I saw the "Craft Souq" sign!