He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our little mover and shaker

I guess I might as well get used to the fact that at every milestone from here on out, I'm going to be saying "how in the world is she already__?!"  So let's just get it over with- Miss Bella Rose- how in the world are you already 10 months old?!  Precious little angel!  A year ago, I wouldn't have thought it possible that we could have more pink joy in our house but that is exactly what the Lord has given us and we are all so thankful.

Never a dull moment around here especially now that Anabelle is so mobile!  She navigates from one room to another quite easily which means when she's awake, and the big girls aren't home- I don't get a lot done!  I think I'd kind of forgotten how all consuming this stage of having a baby is, but I love it so much.  She is such a joy and we've all loved watching her explore and discover her world...

usually with a grin and her tongue hanging out...

What, I can't play with all of these?

Sadly, since we arrived back from our trip to the gulf in January, sweet little Anabelle has had a HORRIBLE time with ear infections.  Which mean our stellar sleeper (and yes, maybe I've bragged about that a little...) has gone from sleeping 11-12 hours straight a night to getting up 1, maybe 2 or 3 times a night.  I believe she even pulled an all nighter sometime in there and by all nighter, I don't mean that she woke up several times, I mean that she was literally awake and mostly crying from 11:30 PM until 6 AM.  Yeah, I really think that might have been a first for us as parents.  Not fun.  BUT, in spite of all the night craziness, she is still so sweet and happy and fun during the day.  I'm totally exhausted but this to shall pass, right?  RIGHT?!


Still no teeth so meal times can be a challenge since she likes to feed herself, does not like anything I make, and if Gerber products are found her they just might cost the same as a steak...

Sweet Mia puppy has returned though, and Anabelle is quickly becoming her favorite by being the only one who gets away with feeding her from the table.

Anabelle, your favorite things right now are books (mostly pulling them off of the shelf) but you do love the Curious George touch and feel book with the mirror at the back, Hokey Pokey Elmo makes you cackle which of course your sisters love, cheerios (I found a box of multi-grain cheerios which I bought ONLY for you and so far they've lasted over a month- thankfully you don't mind that they are stale and it keeps everyone else away!), Maddie is the favorite sister right now- you even reject mommy at nursing time to stay with her!

You've got quite a lot of tricks these days too.  The favorite is definitely waving "bye bye"- folding your fingers inward and looking at your hand, you "pat pat" whoever is holding you and LOVE to look at all the pictures of your sisters as babies around the house.  You give sweet kisses which will sometimes be open mouth with tongue, and sometimes a full blown raspberry since you know that makes everyone laugh.  You love getting the attention of new people in the room and then waving at them.  Somehow you really do already have a radar for the people you don't know well and you are definitely NOT shy.  

Love those sisters...

(and they love you too- just maybe not your increasing mobility!!)

Just this week you have started pulling up.  This picture was staged but you're doing it on your own now.

Maddie and Naomi's pink room is your favorite.  You love climbing on their bed and reading books!

I think you are going to have a bit of curl in your hair like Abbey.  It's just getting long enough that it's starting to curl up around the edges.   Especially when it's wet!

In the picture above you can see the little bump above her right eye.  We're told it's a benign cyst and will hopefully go away on it's own without surgery- pray that it does!

Pray also for better sleep for Anabelle and me.  At the moment her ear infection is gone but she still has lots of fluid on both ears.  Pray she won't be in pain and that she'll sleep better.  

Here you are with Maddie, walking down the hall, saying "hi" to all the babies!

Love you Anabelle Rose!  Never knew our lives needed more pink but you are adding just the right amount!  We love you!

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Tara G. said...

She looks so much like your husband and wow- can't believe it's been almost a year!!