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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I'll say from the start that this post is mostly for the Cox family archives.  It's not going to be terribly exciting...  I just want to be sure and record all the things that Anabelle is saying at this stage because judging by my memory's history with the other girls, I will NOT remember what happened when etc.   

There's a statistic out there that says something to the effect of women speaking around 21,000 words per day on average while men only speak around 7,000.  I actually googled this and come to find out that study is now being refuted and it seems that women and men actually have (again, on average) about the same number of words per day.  Well, can I just say from my experience in living in a houseful of miniature women- I BEG TO DIFFER!!!   Let's face it, we girls have a lot to say.  I have 4 little women living under my roof and I can tell you that despite their very different personalities, they all LOVE to talk.  Of course, it looks different for each of them.  Recently during a particularly heavy assault of the verbal kind, Jason held up his hands looked around and said, YOU (Maddie) talk too much, YOU (Abbey) talk to fast, and YOU (me) talk WAY too quietly (I must have been having an off day... that and he's becoming increasingly frustrated by my mumbling habit...)  So, yes, the talking styles vary, but the amount of talking- yeah, it's up there...  It may take some digging to get the talking juices flowing with Naomi, while Maddie has to be reminded frequently that others might want a turn.  Abbey will talk your ear off on certain subjects if you can get her nose out of whatever book she is reading, and Anabelle, oh mercy, Anabelle!  I have a feeling she is going to far surpass them all!  (for those of you who know us well, yes, even Maddie!).  Sweet little angel (that would be Anabelle), DOES NOT STOP TALKING.   She's at that very fun stage at almost 17 months (WHERE does the time go??!!) where she will repeat absolutely anything we tell her to (or at least try to), much to the delight of her older sisters.  I came home the other day and Abbey was changing her diaper and had her saying "butt paste".  Lovely.  

So in an effort to document this stage of her toddlerhood, I thought it would be fun to make a list of the vocabulary that makes up Anabelle's days.  These are things that she says on her own free will spelled according to her pronunciation- not things that we prompt her to repeat because I don't know that that list would end!  
Hiiieeee! (after staring around a room and finding a stranger- this was also one of her first words)
Mommy, Daddy, Mamee (Maddie), Nomi, Abbey
meeeeyaaaahh!  (Mia- always said enthusiastically) 
Bapa, Nana, Annie, Da (occasionally throws a Nannie in there- a combo of her grandma's!
Bob, Warry (Veggie Tales)
Woowy, Jessie, REX  (Toy Story)
Baby, Ra Ra (rock, rock), Jesus! (as she Ra Ra's baby)
Bopper, wops (wipes)
Maii!  (milk)
I, I, I, I, I!!!  (ice)- notice the repetition and the emphasis- comes out like this at top volume!
Tay tay (Abbey's best buddy here whom Anabelle adores)
nigh, nigh (she will ask to go if she's way tired)
Wuvy (her pink giraffe lovey from target- EXTREMELY important)
paaay (play)
ahside (outside)
wa wa (water or walk, walk- gotta know the context)
kee cat (kitty cat)
stower (stroller)
nana (banana)
cacker (cracker)
goalfeesh (goldfish)
nak! (snack)
MO! (no)
uh hmm (yes)
pat pat (for baby's, Mia, anything she needs to be gentle with)
Yalla!  (Arabic for let's go!)
Go, go, go! (anytime we are leaving the house or she wants to leave...)
shuuu (loves shoes and brings them from around the house to whoever they belong to)
dance, dance
pri-py (pretty)
bash, bash (brush, brush)
hello?!  (when doorbell or phone rings)
BAAA!!!  (bath, very excitedly)
bahhl (ball)
Maya, Dain (Zain)- recent friends who came to visit who she really loved playing with
peeez (please)
mamin (muffin)
i keem (ice cream)
yoyurt (yogurt)
offee (coffee- she is her daddy's daughter!)

biiy, biiy (bite)

hur yup (hurry up- she walks around yelling this each morning as the girls are getting ready for school...)
was tat? (what's that?)
who dat?  (points at pictures)
wher dit go?
i da no (I don't know)
there tis (there it is)
hee ya go (giving you something)
bom bom bom bom (when she sees Veggie Tales)
seet down
uh oh
ummm maaa (giving kisses)
ta too (thank you)

And if we're friends on facebook, you've probably seen this video but it totally cracks me up everytime I watch it so I wanted to share.   Here's AJ trying to get her to say some things- this was about a month ago.  And just fyi, her eye is halfway swollen shut because of a mosquito bite..


k k said...

Wow!!! Pretty impressed you got all the "spelling" write on 17 month speak :):):) this made me smile.

Kendra said...

Umm...you want to know something funny? After reading all of her words I was going to say 'have you been at our house?' b/c Breeley is saying all of those same things. And then I watched the video and you were...dun duh duuuh...in my house! lol So sweet - we have a little monkey who sounds just like that running around here. Except, come to think of it, she doesn't have 2 word phrases yet. AB's got her beat in the chatterbox dept - lucky you! ;)

Ann Cameron said...

I am not a robot anymore! Love the comments and words she is saying. i remember once keeping Abbey and you made a list of her words for us.