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Proverbs 14:26

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another post titled, "This month" since I can't seem to keep up with blogging...

And sadly, I started writing this post almost 3 weeks ago!  Gracious time flies.  

So, yes, April was kind of a crazy month.  The first part of it was not so fun as Jason had a two week trip.  We are typically in a pretty good groove when he travels, but this particular trip was just one of those where everything that could possibly go wrong, did.  Honestly, I can't really even remember at this point everything that DID go wrong (which does not AT ALL mean it was all exaggerated and created in my mind!), however there was a lot of sickness- me and all four girls, including this sweet angel having pink eye for the first time.  She still (over a month later) occasionally comes up to me and says, "my eye all better mommy!".  Sweet thing, it was pitiful!

Also on our April agenda was the spring play at Amman Baptist School that Abbey was a part of.  
This year they did Jungle Book.  

AJ was the Mogle's wolf mother,

and one of the silly monkeys.  

All the kids did such a great job!  Below is Abbey with "Kaa" the snake and "Belou" the bear

Little sisters were so proud!

April also means baseball season is in full swing.  Naomi was thrilled to get the chance to play catcher in the last game.   She also got the award at the end of the game for dirtiest pants.  Apparently that's a thing...

For Easter, we drove up to a nearby "forrest" and had an Easter picnic with some other American family friends.   Jason was thrilled for a chance to get out his hammock.
(which all the kids took advantage of...)

We even managed to take our traditional bunny cake on the picnic- thankfully I got a picture before a football landed on it....

AB LOVES to sing, so much, and she is particularly thrilled when Jason gets out the guitar.

These girls have been best buddies for a LONG time.  Thankful for lifelong friends!

April was also a pretty busy school month for the girls.  Abbey had several presentations and projects including designing her own webpage.  Maddie had a science fair for which she made a solar oven.  
It actually worked pretty well!

The last part of the month the whole family got to go with Jason to a meeting in Greece during the girls spring break.  It was absolutely beautiful!

We rode a ferry across to the mainland one day as our hotel was on the island of Evia.

 We found a little mom and pop style restaurant by the water that served gyros-yummy!

Made the mistake of not ordering AB one, thinking she wouldn't care one way or another.  She cared. Here she is eating mine...

Anyway, I know the month is halfway over, but hope you are enjoying your May!  We are holding on to our hats hoping that things slow down when school ends next month!

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