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Friday, July 24, 2015

Memphis holidays

In the spirit of my last post, I need to get our Memphis holiday memories recorded too (from way back when).  Wow, am I the only one who feels like December was a lifetime ago?!  We've kind of felt like, when coming back to the states, that we really have the best of both worlds when it comes to visiting family.  Jason's parents live on the farm.  Fishing, farm animals, gardening and plenty of other outdoor fun.  My parents live in the heart of Memphis, and although Memphis is not a huge city, it definitely has lots of more urban style perks so we always love getting to experience some of both when we are back in the states.  

Family traditions are so often centered around food.  One of our Memphis favorites is a local hamburger joint called Huey's where you shoot your toothpicks through straws and try to stick them into the ceiling.  Only occasionally do you hit another diner and they are *usually* understanding!

And we wouldn't be home in Memphis, without Saturday runs to Gibson's donuts... Ok, so the tray below is kind of overloaded with not my favorite kind of donuts (little girls definitely picked these out!),but they have an apple fritter to die for and their maple bacon donut and new orleans style are super yummy.

We had plenty of fun holiday time with Memphis cousins too.  Merry Christmas from the Cox/Cameron cousins- only a few days delayed!

Celebrating New Year's Eve with Annie and Da

Identical cousins...


Happy New Year!

Anabelle has loved getting to be better buddies with Michael (1 year older)...

and Thomas (3 years older).  Thomas admittedly is a bit more patient with her constant attention which can be a bit smothering.  

Michael, however, did manage to convince her along the way that he is "the boss" and she is quite certain this is a cold, hard fact.  

In the midst of all the holiday fun, we took an afternoon to explore a park near our temporary home.  

Anabelle and Naomi loved climbing over and on and around the huge magnolias.  

Just a walk around the park...

I had to remind myself several times that many things in America are new and unusual for Anabelle.  What fun to ride in a car at the grocery store!  (I have finally convinced her that this is not happening on EVERY trip....)

She was a bit concerned about lovey going into the top loading washer.  Our washer in Jordan is front loading with a clear door so she can watch lovey spinning around.  She was much reassured when she came out just fine!

So many fun activities with cousins over the holidays!

The zoo is always a favorite!
(this is Michael's "I'm being very patient with all these girly hugs and attention" face)

Bundled up at the sea lion show!

This winter was super cold.  We had about a week where the high didn't get above 20.  Perfect for an afternoon at the movies!

Notice the girls all sporting their Memphis Grizzlies or Tigers Basketball t-shirts.  
Jason and I caught a few Grizz games.   Memphis is a basketball town for sure and it's hard not to get caught up in the fun.  Go Grizz!

(Naomi even made her own mask to wear at home!)

Just one of many bonding moments over the last 7 months...

Cousin sleepovers are the best!

To top off our holiday season this year, Annie took all the girls to see The Lion King at the Orpheum.  

It was beyond amazing!  

Such a great memory!!

Hard to believe it's been 7 months!  Time flies that's for sure.  At least this is a start at recording some of our memories from this time in the US.  Again, so amazingly thankful for family and all these precious memories!

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