He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A little help please....

As if I haven't already made it clear enough, I need to confess my ignorance about how the whole blog thing works and ask for a little help. I've been gently chided for my six month lapse in posting and it's because I'm afraid!! And I feel dumb... I mean, who am I talking to when I write and is anyone listening? I was reading John and Liz's blog (YES, I read it) and she had all these nifty things on there like where people could comment on recipes they were trying, top 10 lists- like all these continual conversations. I guess I just don't really think I"ll have enough people reading this to be doing that and how does it work anyway? What does it mean to tag someone in the blog? If someone commments on my blog with a question in order to respond to them do I comment back on my own blog? That seems weird for some reason.. Anyway, these are all dumb questions and when I got no responses I'll probably be even more hesitant to post for fear of feeling like an even bigger doofus. So, if any of you have blogs that I can be reading to- send them on. I confess that if you've sent it in the past, I've probably never looked at it because of our incredibly slow internet connection. BUT, it's speeded up a bit and I have a little more time on my hands with the girls in school so why not give it a try...


elizabeth cameron said...

The etiquette of it is a little confusing if you're not reading blogs regularly. It's weird to comment back on your own facebook wall, but perfectly acceptable, and even advisable, to comment on your own blog post. You can even make the first comment if you left something out.

If someone tags you, it's kind of like the email you sent a few weeks back where you were supposed to fill in all the blanks. The people tagged have to see it on your blog.

The best way to get people interesting in your blog, especially people who might not otherwise read it, is to comment on their blogs. You might start out commenting on our blog, since apparently you read it. The people who read our blog might say, "oh, John's sister Kelli, does she have a blog?" They click on your name on the comment and follow a link to your blog. They then scan over your posts and say, "oh, what cute kids and interesting stories."

The next thing you know, they may be commenting on your blog, usually with some sort of word of introduction.

Alternatively, maybe one of your sisters-in-law starts commenting on your blog. She says to herself, hmmm...maybe I should start a blog. Then you comment on each other's posts.

If you have a blog you really like to read, it's a good idea to always comment on the posts. That way, the other person typically will begin to do the same for you. It's not a rule or anything, but they will become so addicted to get your comments that it seems like a good idea to keep it going.

A good way to find new blogs is to look on the links of blogs that people usually have to the right. Sometimes you'll find people that you already know. Find them and comment on their posts.

Follow all these suggestions, and you to can average 5-7 comments a post.

John (signed in to e's account)

Ellen said...

kelli, you're so far ahead of most people our age. Having a blog at all is so "outside my pay grade" (to quote Mr. Obama)... I'm REALLY impressed for what it's worth!

jccvi said...

Also, when people leave comments on your blog, they will come back over and over again to see if you have commented on their comment.

You should not disappoint your commenters.