He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Other fall break fun

I can't say it's been all fun and games having the girls home all week while Jason's been gone, but we've managed to have our share of fun, and overall they've been really sweet. Unfortunately, I have managed to once again get sick while he's gone but I guess that's life...

One raindy day (and there have been A LOT) we covered the girls room in a massive tent with our new blankets (thank Nana and Annie). That kept them occupied for several hours- the toys just seemed so much more fun in the tent!

Here's a view of the inside of the tent- everybody doing their own thing. They even created their own "rooms" although that didn't work very well in Naomi's opinion.

Maddie has followed in big sisters footsteps this week and has started carrying chapter books around with her reading a good bit more than usual (which was hardly ever). I"m so glad she's finally getting into it without me pushing too much!

I don't have any picture but we've also done our share of fall baking this week. For Bible study on Tuesday night, we made pumpkin dip with ginger snaps and caramel dip with fresh fruit. So yummy! I love the smells of fall baking. Today we made those chocolate surprise cupcakes that have the cream cheese and chocolate chip mixture in the middle of the chocolate cupcake. I died the cream cheese mixture orange and then we iced the top with orange cream cheese icing- again, so yummy! And I wonder why I can't ever stick to a diet in the fall!

Tomorrow is actual halloween and the girls have big plans. Abbey wants to be Hermione from Harry Potter, Maddie will be Princess Lea and Naomi will be something involving pink fluffy princess dresses I'm sure although I hope to convince her to be R2D2 even though she has not a clue what that is.

Right now the girls are at some friends house for a high school musical party. They were so excited to wear their new pajamas and wigs. Get a load of this...

Meet Gabriella and Sharpay. No worries to those of you who might- they're not growing up too fast, they just love to sing and dance!


jccvi said...

Nothing to do with HSM whatsoever, but they're growing up way too fast for me. Do you realize that Maddie is closer to being in college than you are away from college?

Like I'm one to talk about growing up too fast. I think I was watching Better Off Dead with you when I was Naomi's age.

Heck, when I was Abbey's age, I knew how the entire Snyder clan was related on As the World Turns (remember how that one vhs tape got so worn out that it wouldn't play anymore?).

Now if I can only get Sarah Ann to explain what's going on in the Sopranos to me.

elizabeth cameron said...

what books are they reading now? any particular series they like? i carried a book around with me all the time too. i can remember trying to hide it in my lap during school so i could read while the teacher was in front of the class.

love the wigs!

Kelli said...

John- don't tell me stuff like that! I'm already freaked out about how old they are!

Kelli said...

I"m having a hard time keeping up with things for Abbey to read. She just finished the entire Harry Potter series and right now doesn't have anything new so she is re-reading (Anne of Green Gables, The Great Brain, Trailblazers sereis). Maddie is just getting into the chapter books and I have a ton for her thank goodness- she love Junie b, Magic Tree House, Little House on the Prarie series. Abbey likes all the American Girl doll books too and we're reading Little Women outloud although that is taking a while

Kendra said...

It's so funny to see Maddie reading - following in Abbey's footsteps! Too cute. And Naomi's hair is so long! Did you get her to be R2D2? That would be ADORABLE and HILARIOUS :)