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Proverbs 14:26

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, so it's hard to phonetically sound out the way Jason says Darby's name with a British accent (what I was trying to do with the title of this post). Anyway, he's always said it that way, but this trip in particular it drove her absolutely crazy. So, Darby is pretty much one of the most quotable little people I've ever met so I decided to dedicate a post just to her and her funny little sayings. There's last years classic from the first day they arrived for their Christmas visit when she said, "Aunt Tellie. Where we live in Sudan, my mommy falls in holes." (she actually meant that Kimberly occasionally got their 4 wheel drive vehicle stuck in the pot holes on the roads, but she had me a bit worried at first considering that Kimberly was around 7 months pregnant with Emma at the time).
The picture above is Darby eating zataar, a Lebanese pizza type treat which she absolutely loves. I think everytime we had it she declared it the "best one EVER".
One evening over Christmas I was in the bedroom doing something on the computer, and I heard the four older girls playing in the hallway. They had apparently started some sort of secret club and were working on the passwords, code names etc. I heard the door to their bedroom close. A few minutes later I heard somone knocking on their door and a voice from inside (either Shelby or Abbey I"m pretty sure) says, "What's the secret password?". Long pause from outside and Darby says, "Let me in". Voice from inside says, "You must give the code to enter!" Another long pause and Darby says, "I don't know what that means." Again from the inside comes, "Password please!". Darby very exasperated says (as if nothing else matters), "But this is DAARRBBBYY". Thankfully I think they finally let her in because it could have gotten ugly.
Another time Darby and I were in the kitchen playing playdough and Emma was crawling around on the floor (probably eating the playdough). So anyway, Emma made her way under the table, and Maddie came in so I told Maddie to check on Emma under the table and make sure she wasn't putting anything in her mouth. Maddie gets down there and says, "Mom she is putting something in her mouth but I can't get it out." As I'm trying to tell Maddie how to get whatever it was out of Emma's mouth, Darby pipes in, "Aunt Telli, just grab her around the neck and pick her up. That's what my Daddy does.". Hee hee
So I guess these stories may not be that easy to appreciate if you didn't hear Darby's little voice or especially if you don't know Darby, but I wanted to be sure I didn't forget them.

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AJ said...

i can picture her AND hear her! and i can't say her name without using a british accent, either. she and naomi must have been quite a pair!