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Proverbs 14:26

Sunday, February 28, 2010

For Mom/ food processor, blender ideas and recipes

Mom has been telling me for several months that she put money in our account so that I could go and pick out my Christmas present- a new blender.  Well, I am the world's worst procrastinator and I just this week got around to picking one out.  Things here are randomly very weirdly expensive or inexpensive (example- a shower curtain could cost $60 but I can get 2 pounds of bell peppers for $.66).  Anyway, blenders classify as one of those things that are weirdly expensive which is why I have never bought one here, so, it may seem like a boring gift to some, but I was very excited about picking one out.  I could have gotten a plain old blender but I came across this wonderful gadget that I am very excited about.  It's more of a food processor, but it has all sorts of chopping and blending attachements.  I'm especially excited about the hand blender because I can do it in the pictcher and don't have to mess with the hassle of cleaning out a blender.  It also has a mini chopper attachemtn that I can use for smaller jobs.  This is my first food processor so I would love any tips about how it could make my cooking life easier.  Thanks Mom!

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The Knights said...

I am totally in love with your food processor! Sounds crazy, I know...but, we are trying to make our own baby food (WAY cheaper!) and this looks totally amazing and a lot easier than what we are currently using! Love it! Random question...may I ask why Lebanon? You don't have to answer if it is too personal! Have a great day!