He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Jason returned home from a week in the states last Tuesday night around 10:30.   For some reason, this particular trip was especially trying on the girls and I.  Of course we always miss him while he is gone, but this trip was just a lot more difficult for some reason.  Typically with these late night flights, Jason will just catch a taxi home, but we were supposed to have our ladies Bible study over here that night so I told him that I could try and work out for someone to stay with the girls so that I could come pick him up.   All the while planning that I would let the girls go with me to the airport to surprise him.  No, they do not typically stay up that late, but sleep is one of the things that had really been off while he was gone, so I decided it wouldn't be that big of a deal.  Thankfully, our girls have always been the type to sleep in the next morning if they are up late at night, and selfishly, I knew I wouldn't mind sleeping in the next morning!  So they loaded into the car in their pj's and off we went. 

The Beirut airport is only about 10 minutes from our house at night when there is no traffic so my plan was to arrive around the time Jason would be coming out so that I could pull up at the arrival area and pick him up without having to park.  His plane actually arrived a good bit early so by the time we got there, he was already waiting outside.   As we were pulling up to the airport, the girls scrambled into the back seat, so that they could surprise him when he opened the trunk to put his bags in.



So happy to have Daddy home and to have him bring goodies.  We've been playing Mario Kart non stop...
I took this picture the next morning- sweet cuddles


Amanda said...

Kelli, I am praying for you today!

The Knights said...

Oh how I was so moved by your comment on Beth's blog! I just started tearing up at work! I am definitely praying for you guys! My heart is similar so I can't imagine how you feel! I have a 6 month old and I already want another one! Selfish, maybe, but we definitely cannot afford another baby right now, so we are just praying that we can get out of debt really soon and maybe start trying by the time our little miracle is 1? Or more plainly, when it is God's time! Please let me know how things work out or if you need a talking/ venting buddy my email is kathryn.knight@dor.ga.gov have a blessed day!

The Knights said...

I can't imagine how you guys feel, but putting it in His hands will hopefully give you some comfort. We were not trying to have a baby so I cannot imagine how it feels. I am definitely praying for you and hope that at some point (soon) it will happen! Much Love!

Yolanda said...

Amazing! I saw your scripture from a few weeks back on the LPM Blog posting for a Monday, and wanted to stop in and simply say hello.

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