He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress and for his children it will be a refuge.
Proverbs 14:26

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girly girls

 **Disclaimer**  this post is kind of random train of thought.  Jason is traveling and I haven't had much of an outlet for adult conversation!

Sometimes I find myself marveling at the fact that the Lord has chosen to bless us with our three beautiful daughters.  To be perfectly honest, sometimes I marvel and sometimes I wonder what in the world the Lord was thinking!!  We've not yet reached the teenage years yet but we're getting closer than I would like to think and I kind of get the feeling in the pit of my stomach like when you're creeping up the huge hill on a roller coaster just before you reach the top and the bottom drops out.  The bottom hasn't actually dropped out yet but I'm anticipating....

Anyway, I love my girls so much and I wouldn't want it any other way, but I was a pretty big tomboy growing up and I just never saw myself as the mommy of such girly girls!  Especially now that we are homeschooling, we just don't really have that many opportunities to dress up.  Our church is a bunch of families that are like our family and we just meet in  different homes so there is no dress code there.  Anyway, we had some friends from the states visit this past weekend and we took them out to a nice Lebanese restaurant and got to get all dressed up.  Took a few pics since it's such a rare event these days. 

It scares me to look at pictures of my oldest baby.  Abbey will be 11 in September and I still can't believe it!   I still don't really see it but here's a great one for all of you who know me growing up and swear she is my twin.  We didn't plan it but we're photo negatives in this picture.  I'm afraid we've almost reached the stage where she will be wanting to borrow my clothes and shoes (and earrings since she just got her ears pierced..)

And of course, there has got to be one of Naomi being a clown.  I wish you could hear the dialogue that she had going with the poses she was striking... 

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angela said...

ok so as usual i looked at the pics before i read the post and i was going to comment about how you and abbey look like twins! not just the clothes although that just makes it look even more scary. can't believe how big the girls are- but you are one hot mama! love u:)