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Proverbs 14:26

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anabelle's antics

** If we're friends on Facebook, you've probably seen most of these videos- sorry for the repetition!**

Miss Anabelle has been overflowing with personality lately.  She's such a little stinker!  (side note- her birthday post is past due but I've had this one waiting to be published for a while...)  Here are some of her latest tricks via video.  She loves playing with Mia!  And says "oof oof" whenever Mia comes around...

Apparently she loves Mia so much that she decided to try eating like a dog.  (and of course anything that gets a good laugh must be repeated...)

We are discovering that Anabelle has a bit of a stubborn streak (hmm, wonder where that came from?).  She is not going to let something as simple as a chair get between her and her sippy cup...

I took most of these videos over about a week or so most of which Jason was traveling.  Anabelle loves her daddy.  She absolutely lights up when he comes into the room.  She's just recently started using "da da" and "ma ma" at the appropriate times and it's so sweet.  She crawled over and noticed this picture the day before he returned home from a 10 day trip.  (oh and the "good gravy" you hear from me at the end is because she almost pulled the shelf over on top of herself)

Like I said, Anabelle is truly a daddy's girl.  It's pretty precious.  And it was super dooper precious in the middle of the night that first night that Jason was back.  As per her pattern at that time (she has since started sleeping all night again and I am incredibly thankful), she woke up around 4 AM.  I went in to soothe her.  Jason had gotten up as well and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  When he headed back to our room and walked past Anabelle's room, she spotted him and immediately started crying "da da da da" and lunging towards the door.  SCORE!  Gotta love a daddy's girl who calls for her daddy even at 4 AM!!  This video is from the next morning.  Jason very graciously let me sleep in as I had been playing single mom for 10 days and was pretty exhausted.  Plus I had just finished weaning Anabelle and no longer had to get up to nurse her.  Anyway, Jason and Anabelle were having breakfast together.  Maddie was behind the table in the recliner filming their interaction.  

(sorry for the length of the video- the action is at the end but I haven't figured out how to edit..  Watch sweet little Anabelle melt when Daddy tells her no....)

Little Miss Priss starting making this face a few weeks ago randomly.  Again, it got several laughs and she has now learned to do it when we tell her to "smile", or when someone new walks in the room, or when she's trying to get your attention.  Little stinker!

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