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Saturday, January 12, 2013

20 months

20 months old!  How time flies.  I haven't really been consistently doing milestone posts for Anabelle, just because I know me and I know it's not something I will keep up with.  I would rather just throw them in randomly every so often.  Besides, at what point do you stop?  I mean it's not really fair to Naomi, for example, who will be 83 months old next week...

Something I like to do every so often is play the comparison game and look at pictures of the other girls at Anabelle's age.  Of course, with 4 daughters, we get the constant commentary from others of who looks like who.  General consensus is that Abbey and Maddie look alike with their dark complexions and dark hair.  Naomi brings in my mom's side of the family and looks nothing like her sisters (in my opinion).  Jury's still out on Anabelle.  People most often say that she looks like Maddie (although at the same age, she's a good 10 pounds lighter I'm pretty sure).  When we had our christmas stuff out this year, I was looking at a santa picture of Abbey at the same age and I think she looks the most like Abbey.  Her little voice even sounds just like Abbey's did.  Naomi- well, sweet Naomi in my opinion has her own look and definitely her own person (at least within our family).  She looks identical to two of her cousins on opposite sides of the family (my brother's daughter and Jason's brother's daughter- go figure!).  

Anyway, here are my other cuties at around 20 months...
AJ (this is more like16 months- don't have many digital pics of Abbey as a baby...)

(Makes me laugh out loud!)


Love these girls oh so much!

So, now that Miss Anabelle has hit the 20 month mark she is just as busy as ever.  We had tubes put in her ears last month and thankfully she has not been sick since.  I confess that I was hoping for a miracle turn around in her horrible sleep patterns and that did not happen.  We are currently sleep re-training but  that is a subject for another post.  You can find it here.   Praising God for a month of no antibiotics though, even if we are still way sleep deprived!  

I'm not TOO worried about her hearing considering she talks non-stop.  She ADORES her big sisters and begins the roll call as soon as I get her up each morning- ABBEY, MADDIE, NOMI!!  She's just begun putting sentences together and is so expressive.  Here are some of her favorite things to say:
(put a normal amount of expression into each phrase and then at least triple it and that's probably about how she sounds...)
"OH, there she is, (insert name)" (whenever someone new walks into the room including Mia the dog)
"Anabelle, that's not nice" (very helpful about correcting herself!
"I la loo!  Hug! Kiss!"  
"Maddie, (or Abbey or Nomi) GET UP" (the girls are on winter break and have been sleeping in)
"I sorry"
"I gon get you!"

So many more things that she says but drawing a complete blank at the moment!  She loves Max and Ruby (the cartoon) and Veggie Tales.   Her favorite song is the Gaither classic, "Something about that Name" - here is the full story on WHY that is her have!   And I promise I've been trying to get a video of her singing said song since early November when I first posted about it and it has become a joke.  Not gonna happen.  She takes one 2-3 hour nap and nighttime sleep is a huge challenge right now that we are in the middle of fixing.  (hopefully, will keep you posted...) She loves to "play" especially with her big sisters.  She loves it when they build her tents and read books with her.  And "hide/seek" is her all time favorite game.  She still thinks hiding is to press herself against the nearest wall and close her eyes (somehow I don't have a picture of that!).  

So two days ago when I started this post, I tried just about all day to get a "normal" picture of my 20 month old looking at and preferably smiling at the camera.  The picture of her at the top of the post is a recycled one of all the girls in front of the Christmas tree and I just zoomed in on Anabelle.  Here is the result of trying to get a normal picture of my little messpot...

Yeah, maybe we'll have a normal family picture again around 2020...

Happy 20 months Anabelle, we love the fun you add to our fam!

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