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Proverbs 14:26

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Jesse Tree

A few years ago a friend sent me an advent devotional guide called, "The Advent Jesse Tree".  It's a great little book and is becoming one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  There is a devotion for each day of advent (one written for children and one for adults) and each has a corresponding symbol with directions for making it into an ornament to hang on the tree.  Basically it tells the story of God's redemptive plan for the world using symbols beginning with creation and going all the way through Christ.  At the beginning of the season, I wrap up each different ornament (some are homemade some are not) and put it under the tree with that days number on the wrapping.  We unwrap each and hang it on the tree after reading the story.  Some examples of the ornaments:  a globe representing creation, an apple with a snake representing the fall (we used a play food apple  with a playdough snake), Noah's ark, Jacob's ladder,  Joseph's coat of many colors etc.

Here's a picture of the ornaments wrapped under the tree.  Some of the homemade ones need to be updated a little bit, but you get the idea.  It's been a great way to talk through the entire story of scripture with the girls. 

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jccvi said...

This is a big focus of our Scripture readings this time of year too.
We have an icon that has a decorative tree pattern with old testament saints around the outside. The pattern is something like this one here. http://www.comeandseeicons.com/bvm/phn97.htm