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Proverbs 14:26

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mountain vacation part 2: sledding and other fun

The girls talk all year about "going to the snow" and they were so exicted to finally be there.  It still amazes me that we can drive from our house where it's in the 60's and very pleasant up to this winter wonderland just 90 minutes away. 

The first day that we drove up to the slopes it was actually pretty overcast, but still not that cold thankfully.  We had to hike a good bit up the mountain to get to better sledding snow but it was definitely worth the walk. 

Naomi tried her best to make snow angels but it just wasn't quite powdery enough.

Perfect for a snowman though!

Abbey is surprisingly the timid one when it comes to sledding, but she got over it pretty quick.
It was a hard climb, but Maddie was determined to get as high as she could before flying down the mountain.

Naomi was not the least bit afraid and was determined to do everything herself.

Even climbing up the hill.  She would not let us help her.

 But it was worth it!

Day 2 was a lot sunnier and we actually ended up getting hot by the end of the day with all of our layers.  When we got up to the top, I sent Jason back to the store to get sunscreen for Naomi.  We scoped everything out and decided to head a little farther up the slopes to find longer, steeper hills for sledding.

It was worth the hike!  In the picture to the left that blob on the hill is Maddie hiking up the hill.  Naomi and Abbey are preparing snowballs to hurl at her on the way down.  (we weren't too worried as their aim was really bad and Maddie was going really fast...)
 Jason and Naomi flying down the hill.


Abbey and Naomi

 Naomi remained just as determined to do everything herself...

Abbey after a great run including spins and flips...

I didn't get any pictures of Jason and I sledding, but we loved it just as much as the kids.  This was like the dream sledding place- sharp steep hills or long steady stretches.  It was so much fun. 

We headed back to our hotel each day to dry out and relax.

Maddie and Naomi cuddling.  Side note- Maddie is playing a game called "Doodle Jump" on Jason's I-pod that we have all become addicted to.  Jason and I can't seem to get anywhere near Abbey's high score of 38,000

I forgot to mention that we had a balcony that wrapped all the way around our room that Jason and I both really enjoyed.

And no Cox vacation would be complete these days without several highly competitive games of Settlers of Catan.  And again, Jason and I seem to be having a hard time beating our 10 and 8 year old daughters!


Melanie said...

Hey Kelli!

I love all the pictures of your vacation! It brings back great memories! We love Settlers of Catan!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I enjoyed looking through all your pictures tonight. I am jealous of the snow. BTW, didn't I give you a set of the Jesse Tree ornaments with the book? Just wondering. Amy

Kendra said...

Looks like so much fun! I love your pink ski bib - where did you get that?