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Proverbs 14:26

Friday, July 29, 2011

Road trip!! and singing through the alphabet

This is the only recent picture I could come up with of all four kiddos- it's from a few weeks ago when AJ and Maddie went to basketball camp.

Our lives have been just a wee bit crazy lately.  We've been delayed returning overseas about a month longer than we planned.  Up side of that is that we've gotten a good bit more time with family.  Down side is everybody is a bit out of sorts with all the uncertainty.  We finally have our tickets to return in a little over a week.  We spent the last few days in Georgia visiting with family one last time before heading back.  Jason had to go ahead and go back for some meetings, will return next Wednesday and then we'll all go back overseas together the following week- he'll be pretty worn out!  Since he is traveling, the girls and I made the drive back from Georgia to Memphis alone today.  I wasn't overly excited about the idea of traveling with the girls by myself considering how tired we all are.  Let's just say the girls haven't been getting along so great...  and we're all just a bit strung out.  Anyway, I asked for prayer in my facebook status this morning before I left and one of my sweet friends responded with a comment about how much fun we would have and what great memories the girls and I would make together on our road trip (thanks Jami- love you!).  Anyway, it totally changed my perspective of the day before we got started and I so needed that!  Thanks to Jami instead of being stressed and grumpy the whole trip (admittedly I was for a little of it mainly when Anabelle woke up early and was screaming and of course there was no where to stop...), anyway, instead of being grumpy the entire trip, I went out of my way to think of fun things we could do in the car as we drove.  One thing we did was to sing through the alphabet.  We went from A to Z and thought of songs that began with each letter (either the title or the first word of the song) and we then had to sing at least the first verse and chorus.  Cracked me up the variety of the songs they came up with- I really didn't help much at all!  Here's our songlist:

A: Amazing Grace
B: Best of Both Worlds (Hannah Montana theme song...)
C:  C is for Cookie (even Naomi contributed)
D: Dynamite 
E: Elmo's World (again, Naomi...)
F: Firework (Katy Perry- yes, my girls are now current on pop culture)
G: Go tell it on the Mountain
H: How Great is our God
I: "Iceskating is fun" (a Naomi original) and It's a Hard Knock Life
J: Jesus Loves Me
K:  Kill the Wabbit (bugs bunny)
L:  Little Girls (Miss Hannagan- Annie)
M:  Maybe (again, Annie)
N:  No Sweeter Name and "Naomi is awesome" (to the tune of Kill the Wabbit- again a Naomi original)
O: Over the River and through the Woods
P: Part of your World (Little Mermaid)
Q:  Quack, quack, quack (5 Little Ducks went out to play...)
R:  Revelation Song
S: Somebody to Love
T: Take a Bow
U:  Under the Sea (Little Mermaid)
V:  "The V-I-B-L-E" (Naomi...) and Victory in Jesus
W:  What does the cow in the manger say?
X:  Only one we couldn't think of!  Any ideas?
Y: You've got a Friend in Me
Z:  Zippidee doo dah

Hope we got at least one of these songs stuck in your head!  


Kendra said...

Umm, first of all SO impressed that you remembered all of these - you have a crazy memory like that! And second, Naomi is such a hoot - what a tooter!

kellie j. said...

You are so much fun! What a great way to pass the time. You are a good mommy. Hang in there. . .

Anonymous said...

You are such a precious family and I love when you blog! AND what a great game idea!!!!! I just miss y'all! Love Jami!